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If you are considering and want to be part of our extended family by being
another proud owner of one of LA EXOTICA dogs but are not quite there either with the timing or finances; please feel free to ring us to discuss options to make it feasible as we will try our best to accommodate your needs


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We are La Exotica Kennels, one of Australia's leading kennels and best known registered breeders. We breed for excellence and better breed temperament


Seeking new home - retired adults
occasionally available only to good homes

To express interest in these dogs please email us.
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It is with great regret that they have to depart but fair to them if we manage to find the right home......



 At LAEXOTICA we occasionally have older dogs available for re-homing. As much as this saddens us, we feel it is for the benefit of the dog involved that they can enjoy a family and a one to one situation for the rest of their lives. Hence these dogs are looking for a FOREVER RETIREMENT HOME where they will always be loved and respected we are fussy and will interview applicants.


All dogs are well behaved, socialized with other dogs and humans; quiet and not barkers they also have a lovely conformation, impeccable manners and posses a fantastic nature. They are very friendly,adaptable, affectionate, gentle, placid, they do get on well with KIDS and other dogs, very social and outgoing and highly intelligent; easily would make the perfect family pet.


We believe that they deserve to go only to approved homes, and we will gladly send to other states at new owners cost, if required.


If you are looking for a loving – life – time companion; with honest character, immensely happy with a big smile and a big heart; excellent temperament, great with kids and other dogs, we have females and males that matches the above who are looking for a nice family where they will get a lot of attention.


They are true nanny dogs and watchful over property,not a guard dog but will sound and alarm. We know that they will blossom in a one dog home.


They are ready to be a companion to someone who wants a walking partner and/or an adult family. They all posses a very loving and loyal nature, extremely affectionate and are very willing to please.


They will be desexed before being re-homed.


Please view our website and/or contact us for more information on what we have currently available; please only genuine inquiries.


If you think you might be able to give him or her a loving home and the attention he or she needs and are prepared to take him or her as another member of your family please contact us to discuss it further.


No breeders thanks.


If you would like further information regarding any of these dogs or if you would like to be considered as a potential forever home by all means feel free to contact us.



We welcome inquiries from only
the very best and most loving homes


Interstate freight is easy to arrange at a very affordable rate,
and hassle free, please check with us as
we also specialize in shipping around the world (overseas)







Sorry no Adults to re-home at this stage; only puppies








Sorry no Adults to re-home at this stage; only puppies






Sorry no Adults to re-home at this stage; only puppies









Sorry no Adults to re-home at this stage; only puppies






We do not refund if you have changed your mind,

please ring Sylvia for options


















Proudly owned by Sandy di Sessa in Adelaide, SA




Proudly owned by Stephanie and Chris in Adelaide, SA




Proudly owned by Nerissa in Adelaide, SA




Proudly owned by Denise in Adelaide, SA




Proudly owned by the Dollery family in Adelaide, SA





Proudly owned by the Mortimer family in Forrestfield, Perth









Proudly owned by Jenny in Booragoon, WA



Proudly owned by Marilyn and Less in Sydney, NSW




Proudly owned by Claire and Charles in Adelaide, SA




Proudly owned by Meredith in Margaret River, WA




Proudly owned by Luz in Penshurst, NSW




Proudly owned by Tracey in Whyalla, SA




Proudly owned by Kyle in SA




Proudly owned by Marina in SA




Proudly owned by the Grocke family in Streaky Bay, SA




Dear Silvia .

DonVito and Latina are really enjoying each others company .

DonVito has settled in very well enjoying in-house lifestyle.

Many new experiences for him going to the bush and meeting new friends.

Two of LAEXOTICA's beautiful re-homed Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Thanks Silvia .

Regards Peter , VIC




Proudly owned by Peter




LAEXOTICA Azzabachie

Proudly owned by the Grove family - Holden Hill, SA





Proudly owned by Anne  -  Bulleen, VIC



Thanks to the White family in Port Pirie, SA  for choosing us again with your new member of the family; thanks for opening your heart and home to this amazing girl!

We are pretty sure that LAEXOTICA Reeva will be delighted to have her mummy coming to join the family!



Thanks Wade and Sue for choosing us again with your new member of the family; thanks for opening your heart and home to this amazing boy!

We are pretty sure that LAEXOTICA Boris will be delighted to have his daddy coming to join the family!

Mount Gambier, SA



Proudly owned by Paulina  -  Adelaide, SA



Proudly owned by Sarah and Aaron  -  Brisbane, QLD

Hi Sylvia.

We live in Brisbane and we purchased Tijuanah off you around 6 months ago and just wanted to give you an update on her and to thank you for giving us such a beautiful dog.

We fell in love with her straight away and although it took her a few days to get used to her new surroundings, once she came out of her shell we got to see her beautiful, playful and cheeky personality come out. We were amazed at her absolutely beautiful temperament and at how well behaved she was.

Tij has now discovered her love for balls, especially tennis balls. No matter whose ball it is she will chase it. She also loves to play with her squeaky toys, although the noise still confuses her at times and sticks, until she bites them in half. She loves being the centre of attention at all times and will often jump up onto the bed for pats. She likes the water so she will always run around when we take her to the beach or creek until she tires herself out. She loves towel rubs after her bath and getting lots of belly rubs whenever she possibly can.

Her and Suli (who our friend Natasha purchased from you last year) have become the best of friends since we got her, and they have regular play dates and like to get up to all sorts of mischief together. She is very good at socialising with other dogs and is always very friendly and sweet towards them. She is also very good with small children, who often love to come up and pat her and tell us how cute she is.

Once again we cannot thank you enough for sending us such a beautiful girl. Her beautiful personality has made her so easy to love. She is treated like a little princess and has truly become a part of our little family.

Thank you,

Sarah and Aaron



Message: Hi Sylvia,


I bought Pecas from you for my cousin about 5 years ago. I then bought Rhino for myself 6 months later.

Both dogs were beautiful. I have Rhino with my family and he is the best dog that Ive ever owned or known.

He is loving and loyal and we adore him.

I would like to look at purchasing a female blue puppy from you later this year.

Is it likely you might have one by November/December?

Kind Regards,







Proudly owned by Graham and Janelle  -  Adelaide, SA


LAEXOTICA Zuli  -  Proudly owned by Natasha  -  Warner,  QLD



Proudly owned by Peter and Kathy  -  Cranbourne North,  VIC



Proudly owned by the Burr family  -  Elizabeth, SA








Proudly owned by John -  SA





Proudly owned by the Lyndon family  -  Pt Hughes,  SA




I'm home xxx





 Proudly owned by Debbie  -  Shepparton, VIC


Hi Sylvia just a up date on China my beautiful girl, well she has not lost any weight loves her food, loves me more, we walk every day she dose not like collar or lead but she doesn't need it because she beside me the whole way.


Some nights I don't have a lot of the bed with the two of them beside me China's snoring puts me to sleep I am so happy with her and I think she is very happy too.


All the best Debbie




Proudly owned by Dominic & Karen  -  New Farm, QLD










LAEXOTICA Yarelli  -  Proudly owned by Miranda -  Karrratha, WA









Hi Sylvia and Juan.

Serena is settling in well.  She is still a bit timid and unsure but she follows me around everywhere. 


She is getting used to the kids and is very gentle with them. She is a sweet dog.

She is eating all her food and she is very clean in her habits and doesnt poo on the lawn or verandah.

She watched TV last night with us.

We all love her!

thank you again

Adrian  -  Perth, WA





Proudly owned by Catherine  -  Adelaide,  SA







LAEXOTICA Sissy & LAEXOTICA Altamira (Kia)

Proudly owned by Roger and Judy  -  New Castle, NSW








Proudly owned by Kylie  -  Victor Harbour, SA










LAEXOTICA Bufallo Bill (Suki)



both proudly owned by Winston  -  Buderim, QLD






Proudly owned by Lisa  -  Paddington, QLD







Proudly owned by Vicki and Mike  -  Adelaide, SA






Proudly owned by Maureen  -  New Castle, NSW








Proudly owned by Chris  -  Perth,  WA








Proudly owned by Sue  -  Melbourne, VIC









Proudly owned by Roma  -  Shepparton, VIC








Proudly owned by Gail  -  Perth, WA 








Proudly owned by Ken  -  Sunshine Coast, QLD







Hi Sylvia the first couple of snaps of Andrea for you I am sure there will be many more she is starting to settle in;  already love her

Veronica  -  Melbourne








Pantera - Proudly owned by Kym







LAEXOTICA Diamonds Queen (Mariana) 

Proudly owned by Tracey, Cambarai, SA








Dear Silvia.


La Tina traveled back to Melbourne extremely well.

She now has the run of our property including jumping on to the bed, and on the couch.

She has me to other Staffords of my friends and gets on very well.


La Tina has lost some weight and is looking great.

She does not let me out of her site, and she loves my wife Robyn.


Thank you for a beautiful Stafford.


Regards Peter & Robyn  -  VIC


Latina having fun at a party in Melbourne!






Sussy is so lovely and settled now. She is excited when we return home from work and has got into a great routine

Anyhow here are a couple of pictures for you of both Susy and Leo.


Thanks and I will keep in touch. 


Pam  -  Camberra







Hi there!


              Just a quick update on "our" beautiful girl..... Raquel  is going great, really starting to settle in well. She fell in love with my old cattle dog within about 10 secs of meeting him (he has pretended most of the week that she doesn't exist, but is warming up now...!) She has definitely claimed a corner of the lounge room where we put a bed for her, and that has been her "safety blanket" from day one. At 1st she was very unsure about being inside so we just left the back door open for her to come and go as she pleased, she would peek shyly at us from the kitchen then dash out again, but now happily barges through and on to her bed, and is coming up to us of her own accord now for cuddles. Everything she has come across so far, she has taken in her stride, (horses, sheep, other dogs, cats)....we are so pleased with her. It must be such a lifestyle change for her so we are letting her take all the time she needs to feel at ease......(I consider barking at the closed back door this morning to be let in, a sign of "being at ease" !!  ) She has also had to put up with 3 kids all weekend, and think she warmed to them quicker than she did to us, was very good with them, especially the 4 yr old.
                       I will get some pics to you in the next few days, just wanted to let you know she is well, and we already are totally in love with her, she is so sweet 


Cheers, Allison and Gerard - Spalding SA







Hi Sylvia


Just wanted to update you about our darling gentleman Chester, he has settled absolutely amazingly and he is so much a part of our lives and hearts, he is a true gentleman and we are so happy he's part of our family, and he is even friends with the cat now :)


Angela and Chris  -  Secret Harbour, WA






Hi Sylvia


We just wanted to let you know that Pecas has settled in very well.


She is a fantastic dog and is loving all of the attention.

Thankyou again


Sharon & Scot  -  Adelaide, SA






Proudly owned by Trudy  -  Adelaide, SA




Hi Sylvia,
Am finally sending you a photo of Alexia and I.

Alexia took a few days to settle in and was a bit scared with just the normal noises around the house but is now a very loved and happy member of our house who gets lots of love and kisses every day. As you said she is very attached to me and follows me like a shadow when I home with her. Both Adrian & Marissa love her just as much and give her lots of attention. As you can see my nephew loves her and is very gentle with her. She has just the most beautiful nature around everyone including the other dogs in our extended family and is very patient with a friends puppy but is happy when she can rest up from playing. She now gets very excited when I pull out the leash and we go for a walk. I only walk her in the mornings or late afternoon as she is not too fond of the hear. We have been down to the beach for walks 4 times in the last few months and she seems to really enjoy that as well. She is great in the car and is no trouble. I am very happy with her and love her lots.
Hope you are well.







proudly owned by John  -  Adelaide, SA








Proudly owned by Mandy  -  Adelaide, SA






Proudly owned by Scott - Darwin, NT


Hi Sylvia
Just writing to let you know how Tigreza is going up here in Darwin.
She did fret for the first week, but she is doing extremely well now.
We are so happy with her, she is such an affectionate dog. She is so easy
to love. She especially likes me, my wife calls her my girlfriend as she seems
to want my attention the most. The whole family is enjoying having her here.
Thankyou for blessing us with tigreza.
Scott & Talitha













Proudly owned by Joyce  -  Minlaton, SA









Hi Guys
Just a couple of photos of Maddison and her boyfriend Oscar for you to enjoy.  She is doing really well, she has lost a lot of weight and enjoys walking and swimming! we have just come home from a holiday at Moonta Beach where she had great fun at the beach swimming a kayaking.  We are still working on getting her to sit and drop when we ask, but other than that she is an absolute dream dog.
Have a great week  -  Chris  and Family  - Adelaide, SA






Howdy Sylvia,
Monikah was scared of everything when she first came here. Bonita and I gave her heaps of love, cuddles and encouragement. We have had her for four weeks now and she is responding by loving us, enjoys laying on the back lawn chewing a big bone.


Monikah has the total freedom of our property and inside the house. She has met other dogs(which she loves doing), people and children. She loves picnics down at the Murray River. Monikah`s first caravan trip is coming soon.


Her temperament is outstanding and she is very clean with her house habits. We think she is a beautiful girl and love her very much!
 Regards, Darian & Bonita  -  SA










LAEXOTICA Sabrina - Proudly owned by Adrian - Adelaide, SA







Rhino  -  Proudly owned by Sharon, SA


Hi Sylvia


Rhino has settled down with the cat now.  He is the most beautiful dog.

So loving and affectionate and very intelligent.  I adore him!


People stop and ask me about him where ever we go.


You really are remarkable breeders.  Kind regards,










LAEXOTICA Woopie - Proudly owned by Susan  -  Adelaide, SA





Hi Sylvia,

Just letting you know Brizza has settled in really well & is ruling the household with an iron fist. She is giving Margaret & me a lot of laughs & pleasure & has started to play games (loves to run away & be chased).

She hates to be separated from either of us and, if one or the other of us goes out, she patrols the gate & doors until we are all reunited.
We walk daily along the beach (have built up to 50-60 minutes a day) & she absolutely loves it. Doesn't like going in the car to get there but accepts that because she knows the trip has its rewards.

Has met all our family, including the grandchildren, & endeared herself to them. The young ones want to come to our place so they can spend time with her & the older ones just love giving her a cuddle on their laps which, of course, she loves.

Brizza is not the timid little lady we collected from you. Her confidence seems to be increasing daily & the other day she confronted & snapped at a very large German Shepherd pup which made a nuisance of itself. Normally she has run behind us if approached by bigger dogs. No longer it seems. She also put our neighbour's Belgian Shepherd in its place when it came to visit.

Thanks for the chance to share her life & enjoy her company.

Max & Margaret - Adelaide, SA








Proudly owned by Don  -  Cardiff, NSW








Dear Sylvia and Juan Gutierrez,

Tomorrow is my daughters birthday again two years on from when we received Milady and it has been on my mind to just drop you a line and say how wonderful she has been for us and to say that as you said she is a very special girl.

When out walking she makes anyone walking her look good with her intelligence, training and independence comes through.  She is funny about what other dogs she likes a few most she ignores and there is no hard and fast rule about size breed or sex.  When she wants to play she does this think with her head pulls her muzzle down and lately she has taken to barking at us for attention or to cover her up at night after she has had a feed

So thank-you again

Gary  -  QLD



LAEXOTICA Mookie - Proudly owned by Neil -  Adelaide, SA


LAEXOTICA Paulina - Proudly owned by Pauline - Perth, WA









LAEXOTICA Buffalo Bill - Proudly owned by Winston - Sunshine Coast, QLD


LAEXOTICA Blanquita - Proudly owned by Sherie - Adelaide, SA



LAEXOTICA Katia - Proudly owned by Angela & Chris - Perth, WA





LAEXOTICA Savanah - Proudly owned by Sean - Adelaide, SA


LAEXOTICA Geisha - Proudly owned by Julie - Adelaide, SA



LAEXOTICA Motorolla is settling in well, he won't leave the kids side, especially our 18 month yo.  He is such a well behaved boy, right now he is inside sitting next to me watching the olympics.

Tomorrow he is coming to the beach with just me for a casual stroll on the sand & play in the water if he likes.

Thanks again, we will send you some happy snaps once we get them down loaded.

All the best

Steve, Melrose & the kids  - QLD



Nina -  Proudly owned by Laura - Brisbane, QLD





LAEXOTICA Queen of Harts (Fabiolla)  -  Proudly owned by Nick  -  Geelong, VIC







Hi Sylvia
Just to let you know that Karina has settled in really well and Chester and her are doing really well together.


She is such a sweet girl and loves cuddles and pushes the old boy out of the way to make sure she gets her share .


I would love to send you pics of her but she doesn't sit still long enough, as soon as a camera comes out she's off.  Thanks for a beautiful girl, she makes a wonderful addition to our family
Angela and Chris  -  Perth, WA






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