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We have been urged to create this page in view of that many requests!

As a proud member of LAEXOTICA family If you have a video to share with us of your beloved as a puppy or once grown; please do not hesitate to send it to us, as in the future we are going as well to post many of them to this page


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I love you Pebbles!

Balki the Italian Greyhound proudly owned by the Hill family, QLD

Hi Juan & Sylvia, Hows things going?

(Been meaning to email this for ages, but just haven't got around to it until now)
Thought you'd like to see these pictures of Vida taken on her first birthday in late Jan

Sofia made a peanut butter dog cake...smelled pretty good too!
The funniest photo is easily '08 - Cake Coma' - haha check out her eyes and face...completely stuffed!

Sofia and I were glad to see Vida does actually get full...she got about 60% through the cake...had the rest for brekkie the next day

Hope you're both doing well


Josh and Sofia


Stella (Italian Greyhound) Proudly owned by Joe - Belmont, WA

Benjamin Bear, proudly owned by Nicci & Andy - SA

I am Mariana


My name is Ava

proudly owned by Lisa and Danny, NSW

Brutus - Proudly owned by Priscilla - Sydney - NSW

When I grow up!

male 1

Female 1

Ninja - proudly owned by Chris - Sydney NSW
My first day with daddy after being on the plane

Louis Magoo - Proudly owned by Erika SA

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