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At LA EXOTICA KENNELS we could not keep this just to us as after over 250,000 hits on the web your extremely positive feedback is overwhelming. Therefore we feel compelled to acknowledge and express our big thanks to all of you for your e-mails that we are receiving daily, coming from visitors who enjoy our website, potential new owners, owners to be in our waiting list, etc.


Firstly I would like to say how wonderful your kennels look! Your website is very informative and makes it clear that the dogs come first.
I have found that many kennels and/or breeders appear to have websites which are more focused on the showing of the breeds and listing all the dog show awards their kennel has won. Honestly, it really put us off buying from a breeder for a while. But visiting your website reassured us that there are breeders out there who see the dogs as ‘pets first’.

Tanya - Narre Warren VIC


I must say firstly that I love your website, it is wonderful to see all the beautiful dogs that you breed! My hubby and I are wanting a English British bulldog as a pet to join our family, I have been on your website many times but have never inquired. Take care




PETE - Geelong VIC


Dear Sylvia
What a wonderful and informative website you have –thank you!
It’s a nice change from the rest, you can really tellthat you love all of your dogs!

Hi Sylvia,
My wife and I are looking at getting an Blue American Staffy. I came across your website while browsing Breeders and it seems that all your customers are very happy with the dogs they have purchased from you, and that you are a very reputable breeder, the best in Australia!
We are a newly married couple and live active lives and would love to share our moments with a new member to our family (before we have kids). In saying that we would love a dog that is good with kids and I know that your dogs have excellent temperaments.
I am particularly fond of dogs such as Res, Duke, Maynard, Albron on your Amstaff webpage. Blue with a white strip on nose and white chest. We live in Sydney and would love to have a chat with you regarding breeding plans and transport etc.
Kind Regards,

Afternoon Sylvia,
Firstly, thanks again for letting Sofia and I pop in to see Vida last Sat morning – was really nice to see her again and to be able to hold her too.  We’re so excited for the time when we pick her up. We can’t stop thinking about her!
We’re also very impressed with you both; the professionalism, and the passion you put into your business.
We’ve spent a lot of time going through your website and the testimonies of other clients you’ve served, and we both feel very confident that we’re dealing with a) very good dog breeders/handlers, and b) very friendly people.
So thank you both, so far, for what you’ve done, and well done for having such a reputable business. We’ll definitely be recommending you to others in the future.
 Hope you both had a good weekend. See you soon!
Sofia & Joshua  - Adelaide


Thanks for the quick reply,

I would like to go on your waiting list, I would love a blue pied or blue fawn pied girl. Like I said in my other email I use to breed horses but have had to give it up, so I would like another hobby. I do really like the pics of your dogs they are the best I have seen so far. I have one last colt to sell then I would be ready to get a pup. Could you please supply me with an approximate price on a pup,

Thank, - Rhiannon

Hi there,
I have just seen your gorgeous puppies on your website and have fallen in love with them.
I was just wondering what prices these gorgeous little darlings are?
I especially like The blue pups from Sissy & Tazumal's litter.
What an absolutely handsome boy Tazumal is, he is one of the nicest staffs i have seen in a long time..
Any way we are after a female staff to join our family, Cause we believe that once you've owned a staffy, you will never want another breed again!! As you can prob tell, we just love our staffs...
Anyway i look forward to hearing from you with the prices etc
kindest regards - lisa


I just had a look at your fabulous web site. I'm looking at the litter from 'Sissy' and 'Tazumal.' Are you able to give me a price on the females, if any are available?. My husband and i are looking for a family pet. Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


Hi Sylvia,
Thank you very much for inviting us into your home today, your passion for what you do truly shines through.
The puppythat we chose was male puppy 1 from the litter of Tazumal & Rhina.
Please find our contact details below, along with receipt for deposit transferred.
 If you need any further information, please let me know.
 Could you also confirm when "Runkle” will be ready for collection.

Thanks again,

 Thank you so much for the pic of Bella Mia Sylvia ...Daniel was over the moon i still cant get the big smile of his face... I think you made his day. We just got home from school and i checked my emails and there it was a lovely pic. She looks sooooo lovely.

Thanks again mate.. Hope you and Juan have a lovely and safe Easter..

Kindest regards
Linda, Trev, Daniel

Dear Sylvia,

My name is Kahla and I've been considering getting another dog for awhile now. I've had two previous dogs, one being a purebred Rottweiler and the other a Kelpie cross. Each were both well valued members of the family. I'd really like too have another dog as i do not at the current time.

I'm really impressed with your facilities and the responses you've had from somany people who have purchased your dogs. I'm still unsure though on which dogi'd like. I either want a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or a Brittish Bulldog.
If you could give me a bit of information on each of the breeds and what you think would be best.
I've been considering a Red Staffy with a white chest a lot.
Also when are your next litters avalable, and where does your price range from?
and, how would i be able to reserve a puppy.

The puppies on your website, are they all still avalible or only a selected few?

I'm very impressed with how professional you are. I've emailed other breeders and there feedback has been very poor.
top job !




 Hi my name is brad and i am interested in purchasing a blue English staffy pup(male). I live in Brisbane and have looked at local breeders but i must say the parents are by far some of the best ive seen on your website. your website is very helpful and interesting.
I would personally like a blue male with white patch on chest but not essential. could you please tell me and send photos if possible of any newborns u have now or in future with the 2 parents names.
I also would like to know cost of pups , plus the cost of freight and how this happens. I am undecided if i want full papers or not so could you please inform me on this if price is different.

Thankyou for a great website and your help on the info.


Message: Hi there!

Firstly would love to tell you how great your web page is.
Quiet often I have a look to see what puppies you have available.
When would you have a puppy available? We are willing to pay good money, for a good puppy, and your site proves you only breed the very best, which is what we want.
Can you please let me no if you have anything or anything on the way.

Cheers Cath

 Hi Sylvia,

Your website is fantastic and very helpful. It provides a great insight into life at La Exotica Kennels! Are you able to provide us with some prices on your pups? We're looking at perhaps a blue one, although they are all so beautiful I'm not sure anymore....! Kind regards, Emma.

Hi Sylvia,       

I havebecome very familiar with your website and browse your puppies regularly as myhusband and i are very interested in purchasing one of you Staffordshire BullTerriers. I noticed a pup in particular today which i am very, very interestedin. It is the pup of 'Dakota' and 'Toro Bravio', male 2. I was just wonderingif you could please provide me with some details such as a price and detailsabout making a deposit and also what date would he be ready to go?          I would also just like tocompliment you on such a fantastic, informative website you have. So much toread and look at, i can see how dedicated you are to your beautiful dogs.Kind Regards,           



I wasreferred to you by a friend. His staffy is wonderfully mannered and he said ifI was looking for a staffy you were the people to see.
This is allnew to me but I have read your website top to bottom and its clear that Ishould definitely be speaking to you.
I’minterested in one of the females from Merlin and Lara. Can youplease give me a bit of information about how this process works? Would it bebest for me to come out there?

Cheers, Adam.

Hi Sylvia,

Thank you so much for our gorgeous little girl who has been welcomed into our family with open arms.

She is proving to be a fantastic pup and already has a lovely temperament that we just adore. We have named her "Isabella” for breeding purposes, but Bella for short.She has already brought smiles to our faces and surprised us with the little things that puppies do. She has been vaccinated and micro-chipped today and we have a worming plan in process. We have had staffy’s our whole life and we name them after famous strong queens, hence we named her after QueenIsabella. Registration name : Isabella HINCH We hope to keep you up to date with herprogress and send thru some family photo’s.

 Cheers Chris and Keryn

Hi! Just to say your website is just fantastic, I have really enjoyed your slide show of your fab kennels and of course dogs, its one of the best I have seen, and its also great to see how loved all your dogs obviously are.
I certainly shall keep you in mind when I am ready for another dog, probably thinking English Toy Terrier or Italian Greyhound.
 Is it possible for you to give me approx. prices on just pets only.
 Many Thanks and regards Ollie.

 Hello Sylvia

I am very interested in purchasing a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy shown on your website. A family friend has one and absolutely loves him. So I searched online for a while, but kept coming back to your extremely impressive website! I am very impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail throughout your website, with all the details of your beautiful dogs.

So is it possible to make a time to come visit you and meet the puppy and her parents, just so I can see what her parents are like? Are you free either Wednesday or Friday this week, or next week? I would love to see your dogs as I am very serious about purchasing one.

Also, I am most probably moving to Melbourne soon, so would also like to discuss shipping with you.
Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you,


Hi! Just to say your website is just fantastic, I have really enjoyed your slide show of your fab kennels and of course dogs, its one of the best I have seen, and its also great to see how loved all your dogs obviously are.
I certainly shall keep you in mind when I am ready for another dog, probably thinking English Toy Terrier or Italian Greyhound.
Is it possible for you to give me approx. prices on just pets only.
Many Thanks and regards Ollie.

hi Sylvia,

my name is Rechelle and i just emailing you to inquire wether you have anystaffordshire bull terrier puppy'savailable now or in the near future?

 I have read your web site and am very impressed its full of so much informationand easy to use
 I am looking for a male pup , I either want a blue or a red/white (preferablywith papers ).   I only want him as a pet (well he will be my new son )  I have 2 children andknow the staffy breed are a fantastic family dog.
Could you please email me and let me know if you have any puppy's and a priceas well.   I live in whyalla but am willing to travel down to you

 kind regards rechelle

HI Sylvia
Thankyou so much for letting us come and look today.
 Our little puppy is so gorgeous and I am so excited now that I know exactly what they are like.
 My daughter who is a vet nurse was most impressed.  

Just wondering down the track if it is possible for my husband and myself to
visit our puppy before we pick her up as he works interstate and is away for 2 weeks at a time and is looking forward to seeing our new arrival.
 So impressed Sylvia!
Thankyou Regards,  Lianne and Graham - SA

 Great website! BEAUTIFUL dogs!

I am very interested to buy an english
staffordshire from you! They are my PASSION.
i can really tell from your website that you love your dogs and love what you do. And they look, as i said, great!
it was me that send you an email earlier..

Best regards Maria  -  Sweeden

Hi, My name is Damian,
I am wanting to get a british bulldog.
I have looked at many sites and yours I feel is by far the best.
Your dogs look beautiful .  I hope to hear back soon,


Hello Sylvia,, enjoyed looking at your website, it is magnificent.
Do you ever have an older dogs available to rehome. I'm looking for an IT round 3-5yrs old who may be a bigger female?

 Hi Sylvia,

Your website is fantastic & has provided me with all the information my partner & I needed to decide we would like to add a British Bulldog puppy to our family.

We are interested in a male puppy (if possible) from Adrianna & Bailey's litter due this month.
Could you please provide me with some price ranges, information about how to place a deposit on the puppy of our choice if we're lucky enough to secure one.
We live in Central QLD, could you please provide us some information on flying our puppy up?
Lastly, your kennels are amazing! The best conditions I have seen from any breeders I have looked at!
We would be honored to purchase a puppy from someone that takes such pride in what they do!
Thanks for all your help.

Tiffany - QLD

Hi i am looking at buying a female blue staffy in the coming months
 and would love to be notified of future litters
as your dogs appear to be of the greatest quality.

Kind regards Alex

Hi  Sylvia,
We had a good trip and all is well at home.
It was a pleasure to stay at your home and see how dedicated you and Juan are with your lovely dogs (THE BEST IN THE WORLD)
We will try and get a good picture of Kosta and if we cant we might bring him for a drive to pick up Armani.
Regards Paul & Sarah - Horsham, Vic

Hi Sylvia,
I am interested in a British Bulldog pup

I've just read all the other new owner testimonials & you are highly regarded & all the pictures of the pups are gorgeous!

I am trying to get a pup for my husband for his birthday, which is in early October.  Can you please advise if you have any litters coming up & what you charge for your pups?  I live in Melbourne, so can you also advise what the approx costs are to send the pup over to Melbourne?
Cheers,  Justine  -  Melbourne VIC

Message: Hi, We have been very interested in having a British Bulldog Puppy (male) as a pet for a long time now. Could you please consider us and inform us when your next litter is expected.
Thank you Mike & Anna.

P.s. Great website!!


After viewing your fantastic website a number of times over a number of months, we would like to express an interest in any future British bulldog puppies from your establishment.

We are looking for a girl pup from one of your beautiful bulldogs.

I have always admired the breed (being brought up in England and around bulldogs) and the time has come where we can offer a great family home to what will become a very special dog!

Are you able to advise of any future planned litters, pricing, and what we have to do to secure one of your pups.

Thanks and regards
Kris and Mel

Hello I would like to just touch base with you & let you know that I'm interested in buying one of your male Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies from the litter of Azteca & Atonal that was born on the 7/8/11 in particular male #4 on your website. I've looked at other breeders and think the dogs you breed are outstanding. I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you so we can arrange a deposit to be put down on the puppy I want. I will call you tomorrow arvo to talk more.



As you were highly recommend...thats great for you to hear .......

Goodness I have now seen your wonderful videostoo.......

Thanks Team *********......I am Overwhelmed atyour professionalism .............thankyou

How much is it for a Staffordshire Puppy ( twopreferred please)......


I will have to let you all know when I can driveto see your 10 Star Establishment ...


Eddie the bulldog and monkey video...especially the end, gave me a good giggle:)

Janelle & Ian - York Peninsula, SA

Hi Sylvia,

We are just inquiring about any Staffordshire Puppies that you have for sale.
Could you please advise the pricing structure for these puppies, including approximate travel costs to the Gold Coast.
We have a 5 year old daughter...Would you recommend this breed of dog with children?

Thank you for your assistance. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Nick & Anne

P.S: Your site is really great and informative, and it shows that you really DO care about the dogs, unlike other sites I've seen!!

Good afternoon,

This is just an inquiry in regards to seeing what the process would be in getting an Italian Greyhound puppy.

I'm quite happy to wait if you have none available because LaExotica has impressed me most out of the breeders I have looked at.

 I have not owned a dog myself before due to space restrictions, but am very much an animal person and have fallen in love with the IG breed.
 I live in Canberra, and live in a medium sized house with backyard.
 I could guarantee this little puppy will be the most loved pup in Canberra :)

Ellen - Canberra

I am highly interested in one of your Staffordshire Bull Terriers, I must say they are absolutely stunning and your kennels are amazing. i would like to inquiry of the price and any other information. I am also wanting to know about the temperament differences in males and females for children as i have a young child of 14 months and would like a companion for him and myself.
look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Sylvia,
We are interested in hopefully getting a gorgeous staffy puppy for our home. We have looked at your website and agree that you seem like a wonderful breeder for us. We are particularly interested in a female either red/tan or blue in colour. Do you have any puppies available at the moment or within the next 2 months at all?

Thank you

Laura and Adam

Hi Sylvia,
I was browsing your website and wow, you have an amazing property! What I wouldn’t give to have a place like that to wake up to everyday.
Any information on available puppies and upcoming litters would be greatly appreciated. Although we would like to have a new puppy soon, I am prepared to wait to get the right one for our family.

Feel free to call email me for more information.

 Hi guys,

Have just visited your web site and it is amazing, the puppies/dogs all look so happy and healthy.

We have a staffy at the moment, she is 12...we certainly wouldnt get another dog whilst she is still with us, but after viewing your website was interested to see you sell "dogs" as well.

What sort of age are these dogs and price?  Also what are your prices on Staffy and red/brindle......

we have had two staffys now and love their temprement etc and wouldn't have anything else.


Message: Hi I am really interested in look at getting another dog i currently and have always had great danes and love them but my ex partner has a Amstaff and he is one off the most beautiful loving dogs ever and made me really love the breed. i am looking to get a puppy and would really love to get some more info you guys come highly recomended


Hi there,
I have been watching your website for about a year now and have finally decided I would love one of your puppies.
I would love a female puppy preferably with the similar colouring and markings as 'Toro Bravio' or one of 'Atonal' puppies would be fantastic.
If you could help me out that would be excellent.

Carmel  - Geelong, Vic

Hi Sylvia,

Firstly, your Dogs are amazing! Clearly you are exceptional breeders.

My partner and I have been wanting a purebred blue stafford for a while now to join our family.

A friend of mine referred us to your website and we are sure we have found our new baby. We are looking for a blue male stafford, possibly with some white markings.
I was looking at your puppies for sale and was interested in the blue male pup from>
DAM: Tarika (blue fawn) &
SIRE: Atonal.  (MALE 2)

He is absolutely gorgeous and is exactly what we are looking for.
If he is still available we are extremely interested.

We would be grateful to come and see your kennels and are happy to pay in full when we choose our baby.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully becoming apart of your LAEXOTICA family.

Kind regards, Jocelyn & Chad.


I have become quite fond of the American and English Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeds. Respecting their power as a breed, I have chosen to purchase my next American and English Staffordshire Bull Terrier from a credible, well-renouned breeder like yourself.
I'm not keen on purchasing from a backyard breeder at all. I understand the concept of paying for what you get, and with this particular breed of dog, I will be very much willing to pay from a professional breeder.

That said, I am interested in purchasing my next puppy from you later this year in 2012.

Aiver  -  Melbourne

Hello how are you all at laexotica kennel? I put a deposit on  male 2 from tazumal & mayrah just letting you no that we have been on your website and seen how big our new family members litter mates are getting we are all looking forward to meeting him.

All of your dogs are gourgeous and the kennels you have are fantastic we could not ask for a better place to find a dog that we can trust with our children and be a part of our family

thank you  -  Sharleen - NSW

Dear Sylvia
We have now had tea and we have had an opportunity to thoroughly read all the material you have sent.
I must say that I am very impressed with the way you do business.
 Everything is done when you say you will do it and all the instructions are very clear.

Please rest assured that "Bonnie” is coming to a good home.  She will  receive, exercise, love and discipline in a calm, assertive manner, as recommended by the Dog Whisperer.  The next time you hear from us will be on Friday to confirm that we have picked up Bonnie.
Cheers for now.
Lynn and Brett - Perth, WA

Message: You have the most beautiful staffy pups!
I have had a male english staffy before and am looking to buy one of your pups.
My husband and I are going overseas in late July so anytime after that I would be looking to purchase a pup.
I will keep my eye on your website and if you have any litters due then or after July I would be very interested.
Can you give me an average price so I know what I am up for. Cheers


Message: Hi

I am looking into getting a staffordshire terrier in the next 12 months or so.

 I really like the blue colour, also the white or black or patched.

 Your dogs are beautiful and raised with the right values for a family pet.

I really like the stocky look with a big head and was wondering what prices I should expect to pay. Hope to hear from you soon.

Regards Chris

You have a wonderful website and it looks like you care about all your dogs
which is fantastic. It's the best website we have seen.

I am contacting you as we are interested in purchasing a British Bulldog,
preferably male.  We have been tossing up on a breed and A friend has one
and he is a very loving dog with a big personality and  friend of the family
had one when I was growing up and I have very fond memories.

Please call to discuss when the next litter might be available as we would
hate to miss out and purchase elsewhere.
Many thanks in advance.

Sarah & Ben - Melbourne, Vic

Message: hi

great web site, beauitful pictures, could you please advise on the cost of the puppies as we are just starting to look at price etc.

Adam and Holli

Message: Hi Sylvia,  You have a fantastic website and beautiful dogs.

Sadly our staffy Hope passed away a year ago, and we are now ready to welcome another into our family.  We have a 16mth desexed female shih tzu who is adorable and playful and would also love a friend.

Could you please send me some more information on puppies available including prices etc.  We really love the pups from Charlie & Atonal, and Fenicia & Don Vito.  We live in Broome WA.

Look forward to hearing from you.  Kind Regards Melissa


My partner and I have been interested in a puppy for our family for a little while now and think we are now getting to an age where our children are old enough to have a new little addition to our family. We are really impressed with your website and you obviously care a great deal about your dogs and where they find new homes.

I just really wanted to find out around how much we could expect to pay for a little blue girl, so we can start saving for around Christmas time? Also, is there a waiting list ( I am sure there is for such cute little ones!) so are we being realistic in thinking that we could have one for Christmas?

Lastly, as I work part time and my partner works full time, i just wanted your opinion in having two pups to keep each other company whilst there is no one home?

Thank you so much for your time


Message: Hi. I was told about your kennels by a friend, and I am very impressed!

I have always wanted a pure bred english staffy, and absolutely adore all your little pups! I wanted to contact you because next year I am hoping to be able to fulfill my wish of getting a little staffy pup.

I have searched around a lot of breeder sites and found your kennels to be the best, and highly recommended.

I would like to know around how much for an English Staffy pup? I am in no rush to buy, and am happy to hold out to wait for the pup I am after.

 I would love to get an all black male. I see you have quite a few black ones at the moment and some absolutely adorable puppies only born the other day ! Any information you could give me regarding your dogs would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your time and I hope to speak with you soon !


Hi Sylvia,
After looking through your website and reading the testimonials, I know La Exotica kennels produce great puppies!
I was wanting to make an enquiry in regards to your next litter of Staffordshire Bull Terriers... I've been looking for a small blue female (with blue eyes) for a while. I am willing to wait for what I want. The colour of your Sire "Atonal" it is exactly what I'm after.
I live in Torquay only two minutes walk to the beach. I don't have kids so the puppy will be making our family complete! If there is a runt of the litter I'd be happy with that as I'd like our dog to be living inside most of time.
I love Staffies nature and temperament. We've got lots of time and love to give our canine companion! The puppy will not be used for breeding.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Please also let me know details of cost etc.
Thanks in advance


Message: Good morning Sylvia,

First I want to say what an awesome informative website well layed out website, it has definitely made my partner and I keen to drive all the way out to Mallala when the time arises.

My partner and I are looking at "adopting" a Staffordshire puppy into our family around this time next year.

What are the rough pricing for the puppies of this breed?

Look forward to your reply :)

Sarah & Matt

Message: Hi There
Firstly thank you for providing such an informative website, it has been a pleasure to look through.

We are looking for an English Staffy puppy, red or blue & I see there are currently a few available.  What sort of price range are your puppies please?
We live in Marion, South Australia and I was wondering if it would be possible to visit your kennals in the near future, possibly this Friday if it suits?

Many thanks & kind regards


I have been looking over your website quite a few times and it is very cool,
some of the breeds and dogs themselves look unreal!

I have actually seen 2 of your pups, well, young staffys in person here in Perth and they were just awesome.
that is where I actually got your website from one of the owners.
I am just inquiring on your costs for staffy puppies and what sort of wait time etc is involved. Me and my partner have a staffy who has just turned 13 but is in great shape for his age and we would like to get a pup to keep him company.
Thankyou in advance
Kind Regards


Message: Hi,

I'm currently interested in your staffy pups, preferably blue male.

I have been looking around for quite some time and have decided that you are the breeder I would like to buy from.

Can you please advise me what pups are available at this stage, as per the above description.
Or when they will be available - i.e. waiting lists.
Also could you please advise me of pricing.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello Sylvia,

Firstly, what a great website you have really compliments your passion.

My wife and I are interested in knowing a bit more about your retired adult dogs.

Would you please let us know if there are any females available and what their ages are?

Mark & Karena Lawrence.

Message: Good Afternoon Sylvia and family,

What an amazing website you have.  I have been viewing it for months. 
love love love seeing whats going on and all the puppies, mummies and daddies.

I am in the market for a new addition to our family.

Looking for a female for pet only,  no showing and no breeding, will have her spayed when ready.

looking for black or blue with white chest or patches. Looking forward to your reply when you get a chance.

kind regards

Brigitte, Jackson and Jemma  -  Perth, Western Australia

Message: Hi, we've decided to add a new member to our family, and have long wanted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

After looking through your website, it's clear that your dogs and puppies are truly outstanding.

My partner and I are very interested in possibly buying one of your puppies and would love to find out more information about what options we might have.

If you could let us know what the procedure is for purchasing a puppy, and the waiting period and cost involved, it would be greatly appreciated!

Regards, Scott and Kate

Hello Sylvia

My name is Rob and i am emailing to ask a few things about your puppies.

about 5 months ago we had our good old friend Tyson a black lab pass away :(. we found out he had cancer and only had a few months left with him and of cause we spoiled him as much as possible before we had to say good bye.

now i feel like the time is right to add a new member to the family and i have been looking around at al ot of websites over the last month or so and yours really seem to be the best :). i have always loved Blue English Staffys and Blue Amstaffs, i think they are such gorgeous dogs :)  and i really would love to add one to the family!!

so basically i wanted to ask are the blue male staffordshire bull terrier puppies on the site available? if so what are the prices? also i live in Newcastle N.S.W so what would it cost to get him here? also i was wondering if u know when u might have any blue Amstaffs puppies at all?

Kind Regards

Hi i came across your Italian greyhound breeding information online and wanted to express interest in your upcoming litter (due on the 30 / 01/ 15 from the information on your site) i also understand you are taking deposits for this litter i wanted to ask if you have any pups still available for a deposit and how much you’re asking per pup I’d love to hear back from you as soon as possible im really interested and do not want to miss out ive read up on you website and it seem you have beautiful facilities and do a really good job when breeding your dogs.
Love to hear back from you.

Kim   -  Sydney, NSW

Hello there,

I was wondering how much your gorgeous fur-babies are and if you do have a payment plan and also how does your shipping work? We live in West Melton in Melbourne.

Any information you can give me would be great and much appreciated.

All of your dogs are honestly spectacular and I haven't seen such quality and pride from breeders until now and you have every right to be proud, I really mean that.

I look forward to hearing from you when you can.
With much thanks.

Hache  -  Melbourne, VIC

Hello there,

I was wondering how much your gorgeous fur-babies are and if you do have a payment plan and also how does your shipping work? We live in West Melton in Melbourne.

Any information you can give me would be great and much appreciated.

All of your dogs are honestly spectacular and I haven't seen such quality and pride from breeders until now and you have every right to be proud, I really mean that.

I look forward to hearing from you when you can.
With much thanks.

Hache  -  Melbourne, VIC

Dear Sylvia,

I recently seen your listing of the website in regards to pups available which lead me to view your website. I must say, what an impressive job you have both done with all your dogs. Seeing your dedication towards these dogs has increased my excitement and determination to find the right pup for myself.

I am currently looking for a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup and have noticed several beautiful pups listed on your website however I am unaware how up to date these listings are. I have no preference in regards to colour, I believe they all look good.

If it is not too much trouble can you either point out which male pups are still available on your website or reply to this email with some photos of the male pups available.

Once I have made my decision on which pup I would like to adopt as apart of my family I am happy to go through the process you require to ensure your pup is going to the right home.

Thanking you kindly,


I'm just inquiring about whether you have any Staffy puppies available, or that will be ready soon? I have had a good look through your site and am really impressed.

I was also wondering whether it is possible to come and visit to see the puppies and their parents? They're all so beautiful!

We come from Port Pirie so we aren't too far from you guys. Also wondering what the approximate cost is.

Thank you :)



I have checked website ( it's fabulous by the way) great info and pics...

my partner and I are looking for a blue staffy a girl but we are looking for puppies ready around Christmas as we are going away for November so I am just enquiring about upcoming litters,

Is there any upcoming for be blue staffys


Message: Hi Sylvia,

 I live in Adelaide and having watching your site for the past 6 month;
I'm very impressed with your site and would love to have a mate from your kennel.

 having recently lost my best mate in dec last year, Previously in the past I have had two beautiful black brindle English Staffordshire bull terriers and really like male 1 from Comanche and Armani and was wondering what the process from here is.

Kind regards,  David

Hi Sylvia,

Thank you for having a great website! My name is Abby, my husband and I have a beautiful Staffy that was from you 11years ago, and is a beloved member of our family.
I am writing with great interest in your French puppies that were born on the 6th of April. How do I go about putting my name on a waiting list? What deposit would you need? And what is the final price. We would love to have another laexotica baby join our family.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,


Sylvia Jachmann


Phone:  0421077071


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