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Our big thanks and gratitude goes first of all to our heavenly Father who provided us with a dream and visions and also for allowing us to manage what He has put in our hands

We would also like to thank all the people who are part of this success; more precisely; in making LAEXOTICA Kennels be what it is today

To Dr Trevor Baker, Dr Louise Bower and all the amazing staff of Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery;  thanks for being you! we appreciate you as professionals and as friends as well. Our extended family could not be in better hands.

To Dr Chris Girling (BVSc) and all the staff of Noah’s Crossing Veterinary Clinic; thanks for your dedication, support and patience in looking after our 4 legged family.

To Dr Brenton Clark (B.V.Sc) B.Ag.Sc. Dip.Ed/ and all the staff of Balaklava Veterinary Service; thanks for your dedication, love for animals and a passion for helping people unconditionally and beyond, and in looking after our loved ones.

To Drs  John Katakasi, Michelle Hague, Steve Debrincat and all the staff of Adelaide Plains Veterinary Surgery; thanks for looking after our 4 legged extended family with such diligence.

To Greg Luckett and his wife of Websitestation; for their patience in making it possible to bring to you a website that is friendly but at the same time informative.

To the staff of TOLL Air Express and  Jetpets for making it possible to deliver safely locally and all around the world. Thanks for helping LAEXOTICA puppies arrive safely and happy to their new homes

To all of those happy and proud new owners who have trusted us and are now part of  LAEXOTICA family; thanks for choosing us.

To all our piers, colleagues and good friends through the dog world, thanks for your support, advice and most importantly your friendship.

Very especial thanks to Yvonne Mitchell (Stafface/Waiiti Kennels) who sadly passed away but her memory will always prevail amongst those who had the pleasure to met her.

To all other breeders who have purchased or are showing LAEXOTICA dogs; thanks for believing in us and thanks for your efforts to make Champions from our dogs.

To all the overseas customers who despite the distance have chosen LAEXOTICA kennels to be by far the farthest kennels where to purchase with no hassle.

To Tony and all the staff from AGLine; thankyou for looking after and delivering always on time all our dry food supply.

To Tony and all the staff from Pet Chef; thankyou for looking after and providing us with the best chicken mince in town.

Sylvia Jachmann

Email: puppies@laexoticakennels.com  

Phone:  0421077071


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