The Kennels




Everything is set up for the comfort of our dogs


We pride ourselves in owning one of the most modern, best equipped dog kennel in Australia, which is run with excellent management practices by true responsible people.

Kennel, enclosures, and runs have been properly designed and we have in place a maintenance plan that enables us to achieve and satisfy top sanitary conditions.

All efforts are being and will be done in order to comply with all duty of care and conditions for our beloved


Professional Registered Breeder - breeding for Excellence - and members of and Registered since 2001 with: The Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) - DOGS SA, Registration No: 5100009788

The District Council of Mallala Certificate of Kennel Registration No: 2939


Here are a few photos of our property and kennels for you to judge quality and professionalism!






Exercise and fun goes together at LAEXOTICA Land!











Oh what a night!  Late December..........























Sylvia Jachmann


Phone:  0421077071


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