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Over the years, we have received hundreds of photographs, letters and e-mails telling us how much proud LAEXOTICA owners enjoy and love their dogs. We have been remiss in not having been more diligent in saving them. In the future, we are going to post many of them to this page

If you are part of LA EXOTICA Family is never too late to send us photos or videos to share
As LA EXOTICA Kennels are very proud of their Kennel and website we encourage all proud owners to send testimonials, pictures and videos as we love seeing our special ones as they grow and so also people can appreciate our quality of pups and how much they are loved in their new homes





EJ and "Pepe"

Proudly owned by   -   the Perez-Martinez family,  Adelaide, SA


Hi Sylvia

We have named the little boy "Lego”

He is going really well and has come out of his shell now as all is good

Kind regards

Jeff - Perth, WA

Loyd - Proudly owned by Ayda, QLD

Hi Sylvia,

Everything is going well with our puppy. His vet check was all good.
He is settling in very well with our family and is showing a spritely personality!

We have named him Vincent.


Brendan - Perth, WA

Peppa, proudly owned by the Grgic family - Adelaide, SA



Hi Sylvia, Oreo is doing Great and his such a Wonderful dog much Loved by our Family and everyone comments on how gorgeous he is when we are walking him.

He is so Friendly  and Loveable.

Regards Evalda & Stephen  -  Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia,
Everything is going well with our puppy.  His vet check was all good.  He is settling in very well with our family and is showing a spritely personality!
We have named him Vincent.

Brendan  -  Perth, WA

Benedict, proudly owned by Jose  -  Perth, WA





Hi Sylvia

Just an update to let you know Chloe is going very well!

She is very active, eating well and walking well on the lead.

She is very very friendly with any person or dog she meets at the park! Quite the star attraction when we take her for walks.

She is very well behaved good sleeper amazing snorer and inquisitive and playful and very rarely barks or sooks.

We are pleased she is settling in very nicely.

You have done an amazing job and made our first weeks very easy to manage with her thank you!

Have a wonderful new year

Adam & Lucy  - Rushcutters Bay,  NSW

Hi Sylvia

 A belated family shot from Xmas

 All going really well

Hi Sylvia!

Just wanted to send you a few photos - the one on the top left is Jared (my husband) and I on our way to the airport to collect her - SO excited!!

She is settling in very well and I just wanted to thank you so much for assisting us through this process - you are so thorough and provided us with so much helpful information.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are smitten 😍😍😍 from Laura

Brisbane, Qld

Hi Sylvia! I thought I would send you some photos of Frankie for you to see how she is going  I have never loved something more in my life!!


"We graduated! Our grad trick was a sit, shake, down and army crawl! It's true what they say, Bostons are very intelligent dogs! ❤"

Archie  -  Proudly owned by Shay and Connor  -  Alice Springs, NT

"Little cheeky Chica!! She is doing really well. So smart and such a joyful little character, we adore her!"

Chica  -  Proudly owned by the Tramontana family  -  Melbourne, Vic

Hi, Just to let you know the real Jovi has come to life!

  She sleeps through the night without whinging. Jovi loves chewing on her toys. Her favourite is a plastic water bottle in a sock!

 She already sits on command and comes when called. 

We all adore her so much and look forward to coming home to cuddle her each day.

Regards, Nicole & Alex  -  Wheelers Hill, VIC

Hey Sylvia,

Just wanted to send a photo of my little man.

It was Winstons first birthday the other weekend.

Hope you are doing well.

Winston  -  Proudly owned by the Case Family




"Here's olive growing and growing. My bundle of joy 😊"

Olive  -  Proudly owned by Katrina in Launceston, TAS






Hi Sylvia
I thought you might enjoy these photos of Pookie taken a year apart. She is our little angel and we adore her!

Pookie proudly owned by Jessica in Melbourne, VIC


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