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Over the years, we have received hundreds of photographs, letters and e-mails telling us how much proud LAEXOTICA owners enjoy and love their dogs. We have been remiss in not having been more diligent in saving them. In the future, we are going to post many of them to this page

If you are part of LA EXOTICA Family is never too late to send us photos or videos to share
As LA EXOTICA Kennels are very proud of their Kennel and website we encourage all proud owners to send testimonials, pictures and videos as we love seeing our special ones as they grow and so also people can appreciate our quality of pups and how much they are loved in their new homes


LA EXOTICA Ruby Tuesday (British Bulldog),
LAEXOTICA Jade (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) and their mate Bon Scott (Bull Terrier)

Proudly owned by Mark, Debra and Ryan - Oaklands Junction, Vic

Hi Sylvia,

Attached are some photos of Brutus. He is really a good and an obedient boy. He is eating properly,
sleeping well (no more cries) and it only took 2 days to toilet train him... He is a bless and we love him so much.

I'm very greatful to you and very happy for choosing La Exotica.

Best Regards,
Priscila - Sydney, NSW



Dear Silvia,

I am just writing to let you know how Diesel is going..We are very pleased withhim he is a very good family dog,we have taught him heaps of tricks from not eatinguntil we say this one word to riding a skateboard ( and he loves it )..He is just fantastic...We did spoil him from the start and in someway i do regret iti had to go and get a new boomerang pillow ( see picture attached ) as he tookmine and wont sleep without one now...He gets on fantastic with our staffy theylove playing tug a war with whatever material they can get there teethinto....I have attached a few pictures of him and hope you enjoy seeinghow big he has got...Anyway i better go diesel is trying to get some apple toeat haha.... Again thank you so much for our dog we are so grateful to havegotten him from you and your family...

Thank you

Lisa, Danny & Family - NSW


here is a recent photo of Daisy, she is growing up so quickly and we can not picture our lives without her.

Thanks Again
Sarah and Ben - Adelaide

I just thought I would let you know that Daisy-British Bulldog is doing very well and still very spoil.
She is almost two now but still sometimes acts like a bigpuppy!
I have truly fallen in love with thisbreed and she is very dear to my heart.

Thanks again; Sarah

Hi Sylvia and Juan.

Just letting you know Maxis growing up really fast and is the best. His personality is something else heis so friendly and just loves people. Our vet loves it when we take him in toget his nails clipped and checked, they actually wanted to use him for thereposters. I will forward you some photos as soon as I load them on the system.

Thanks again

Jamie and Renee


 Proudly owned by Isabel  -  Adelaide, SA

Hello Sylvia and Juan,

Just a quick email to say hello and let you know how well Roxy is getting on.
She is 7 months old now and a very cheeky girl! She gets on very well with our Dachshund, Sultan,
and our 6 month old son, Riley, absolutely adores playing with her.
She has got lots of attitude and we can't imagine life without her and her VERY LOUD snoring!!

I've attached some photos of our beautiful, big girl.


Chris, Emily and Riley

Proudly owned by Alex & Karie - WA

Dakoda - proudly owned by Adrian & Megan - VIC

Hi, thought I'd write to let you know Jethro (born 3/4/09) is doing really well.
He is great with the kids and loves to play with them.
He is attending dog training and people come up to him all the time to pat him and say how gorgeous he is.
We attend our bulldog club meetings and Jethro got 2nd prize in a dress up competition.
He likes to play fetch but only gets the ball a couple of times then gives up.
He has definately fitted into this family really well and we love him so much.


Taren - Perth WA

Hi Sylvia,

Wow we have been having a great time with Diesel he has adjusted really well and is having a great time he has started puppy school and is doing great and made lots of friends. Diesel loves playing with all the kids in the family loves meal time and definitively loves treats. He snores quite loud which makes us all laugh. He has been a wonderful addition to the family and we love him very much. In the four weeks we have had him he has grown a lot and we look forward to watching him grow into a young man. We also enjoy having lots of cuddles.
Attached are some photos taken recently of diesel enjoy...

Sonia and Pete - Camberra


Hi Juan and Sylvia,

Well it has been a long time but Diesel is doing very well. He is two now and has impacted our family in the best way possible. We love Diesel very much and he loves us too. Diesel is a big fan of lots of cuddles and walks on the oval. Attached are some photos of our big boy.

We would like to thank you once again for making it possible.


Sonia and Pete from Canberra

Pebbles proudly owned by Jorge - Brisbane

Dear Juan and Sylvia,

I am sorry that it has taken some time to give you anupdate on Bonny. She is well and truly apart of our family. I cant imagine our lives without her. Her health isexcellent, and her cheeky attitude is one that has won a lot of hearts. We take Bonny on our family outings and everyone thatmeets her is amazed that she has such a happy disposition. I am truly blessed that Bonny has made a new home withus. Thankyou so much for making our family complete. God Bless You.

I will send some pics in the next week so that you cansee what a loving baby she is.

With the kindest regards,

Sandra - Doveton VIC

Hi Sylvia

justa photo to show you our beautiful girl, she has just come in season forthe first time, she is doing really well.
more photo's later.

Sugar @ 6 months, proudly own by AndreA - Orbost VIC

Hi Sylvia

Here are a few pictures of Louis taken today in the garden. He has grown into a handsome lad who has a lot of personality and a beautiful temperament. Even people who say they don't like dogs much, love Louis!

I know dog behaviourists would say its a bad thing for dogs, but we love spoiling him.
He's a good boy so it's no harm done.

Take care and Happy New Year

Erika and Keith - Adelaide, SA



Mogwai - Proudly owned by Glen & Michelle - QLD


"Dear Sylvia & Juan,

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt the most beautiful puppy in the world.Mogwai is just so much fun to have around the house; he is very well behaved,very friendly and has so much personality.

When we were in the process of adopting a bulldog, we were very worried about whether he would be healthy due to the problems that bulldogs can face. Mogwai is extremely healthy and our vet has told us that it is obvious that he has been well bred and should grow up big and strong.

We would not swap Mogwai over for any other dog in the world and he has definitely become another member of our family. We can’t wait until we are in a position to add another bulldog to our family and give Mogwai a friend to play with.

Many Thanks,

Glen & Michelle”

Hi Sylvia,

Mogwai is now 1.5 years old; Attached is a picture of Mogwai who is very happy and healthy...

Glen & Michelle

Hi Sylvia,

happy new year to you and your family and hope 2011 isthe best yet.
We thought we would let you know how little Ruby is going sincelanding in Canberra in October.

When i first named Ruby the meaning of her namewas the astrological gemstone for the starsign Leo (as she was born in August)and Ruby was the gemstone for that month meaning "the Sun". When ithink about it now i laugh because her favourite pastime is laying outside andsunbaking. She just loves the sun and we had to buy her doggie sunscreen andhave now enclosed her yard with a shade cloth roof because we noticed her facewas becoming a bit pink with the exposure to the sun and that is now working perfectlyfor her.

She has such a gorgeous personality, she can be dominant andcompetitive and always wants to please us. We have been very consistent withtraining as we have found she can be very stubborn at times and so far it isworking well. She is very popular when we take her out as everyone comes up toher and wants to pat her and ask questions about the breed.

We have also founda wonderful vet who is English andworked in England for many years and has had a lot to dowith this breed which is also very comforting.

We are looking at getting anEnglish staffordshire as a friend for Ruby Mid next year and hope to have themsettled in together before we move to our farm. So we will be in contact again!

Thankyou so much for everything we have just fallen inlove with this breed and are truly blessed to have such a beautiful britishbulldog.

I have attached 4 photos of Ruby for you:
Chilling out in the backyard aftera drive in the car to the shops and Look what Santa brought me for Xmas - my own pool.I have spent lots of time splashing and playing with my toys in the water.

Ps. Hugs and Kisses to Marcella for us.

Jodie and Cameron - Canberra ACT

Dear Sylvia and Juan,

I am sorry that it has been so long to hear from us. Our family is well and our BullBaby Bonny is thriving. She is certainly a member of our family, and we would not like to be without her. She turned 1 in April and had a little party to celebrate. When we finish the DVD I will send you across a copy. She quite enjoyed wearing her party hat.
Also we have now moved into our new home and with a spacious play area and sun room we are very keen to now purchase a play mate for Bonny. The first place we looked was on your site. With the puppies that are due, does Bonny have the same bloodline. We are hesitant to look at any other breeders, as Bonny is such a loving and well behaved dog we would dearly love to purchase another baby bull from you. If that is not possible would you be able to reccomend a breeder with the same high standard as you have.
God Bless

With warm regards

Mr Bo Jangles - Proundly owned by Sandra - Vic

Hi Sylvia

I have attached a photo of Marlo. She is the most delightful dog. So smart and affectionate. We love her heaps.
Would you believe she loves chasing balls and will bring them back every time, such a surprise.


Lois and Mark - Kulpara, SA

What a lady!

Hi Sylvia,

As promised an up dated pic of Coco! She had her needle on the weekend as well as getting micro chipped.
The vet said she was in perfect health and he also went as far as to say she was the best looking Bulldog
he has ever seen, and that’s a real credit to you!

Thank you again for giving us an amazing dog but more so a member of our family!


Craig - Fremantle, WA.

Hello Sylvia,

I hope you are well.

Just wanted to let you know that Coco had a photo shoot this morning to be the face of the Fremantle Dockers new pet membership called "purple paws”.

I will send you a few pics.



Hi Sylvia

Michelle and Andy here - giving you an update on our beautiful boy Dexter
He is the light of our lives and is doing really well and fits into our beautiful family.
He has gotten into a really good routine and all our family and friends adore him.

we had professional photos done with him recently and when i receive them back in a few weeks i will send you one i am attaching a few photos of him as well


Michelle and Andy - SA

Bam Bam - Proudly owned by Hayley

Hi Sylvia,

My partner and i brought a puppy off you at the end of last year we have named her Mimi, she loves our cat (esp chewing on his ears) and follows our rottie around everywhere, she loves playing outside in the mornings when it is cool, its hard to get her to come inside, obsessed with food!!

She has settled in well, at her last visit to the vet she was 6.75kgs
and is booked in to go for her final vacc on sunday the 10th.

Thank you soo much for allowing us to become a part of your extended doggie family
we LOVE Mimi and can't imagine life without her.


Nadia and Dylan - Darwin, NT

Sylvia Jachmann


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