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Over the years, we have received hundreds of photographs, letters and e-mails telling us how much proud LAEXOTICA owners enjoy and love their dogs. We have been remiss in not having been more diligent in saving them. In the future, we are going to post many of them to this page

If you are part of LA EXOTICA Family is never too late to send us photos or videos to share
As LA EXOTICA Kennels are very proud of their Kennel and website we encourage all proud owners to send testimonials, pictures and videos as we love seeing our special ones as they grow and so also people can appreciate our quality of pups and how much they are loved in their new homes



Nigel appointed as a Guardian Angel;
and loving his new job,
but hey please do not attempt to wake him up!!!


Hi Sylvia,

Maybel was snapped by a photographer at the Holland street market on the weekend.
Thank you so much for bringing my little girl into the world, I love her so very much.
Look forward to mums little girl coming home.

Take care,

Maybel, Proudly owned by Carla - Adelaide, SA

Hi Sylvia

Thank you again for Roy, we are so happy to have him .


Karl - Bicheno, Tas

 Shadow (ETT) & Jacy (Staffy) proudly owned by Gavin

Hi Sylvia and Juan,

Here is my gorgeous little 'Pepper-Coco' at 9 week

She is a delightful, cheeky, intelligent, playful little girl. VERY smart!

I'll send you some more photos when I can get her to be still for more than a second!

Regards, Tami (from Victor Harbor, SA)

Hi Silvia

Bucky is doing really well and has settled in OK. He sleeps in his bed alongside mine and I don't hear a sound from him until the sun comes up, it's then playtime and breakfast.

He doesn't like being alone and follows me everywhere and when I sit down he wants to come up on my lap. I think we have bonded well. He eats well and hasn't had any tummy troubles.



Hi Sylvia,

I thought I would give you an update on our darling Misty. She has settled in well and has us totally wrapped around her little paws. She has skipped primary and high school and has gone straight to University which is where I work. I work 4 halfdays a week so she has been accompanying me since her arrival so she doesn’t feel she is being dumped just after leaving her mum. If I need to leave her for a moment while at work, I have heaps of volunteers to puppysit. Everyone adores her.

Misty has met my sons two dogs both of which are females and totally up to date with their injections or I wouldn’t have allowed them near her. She was a little timid at first but then gotup her courage and started to play with them especially Charlie. They were amazing to watch because of the size difference.

"Olive” is the Weimaraner and "Charlie” is the Staffy cross.

My grandsons have visited and think she is just adorable. I have attached a few photos for you. I will have to get my husband to take a few shots of Misty with me. When he does I will send them through to you also.

Anyway, I would just like to say that Misty is everything I could possibly have wanted and I love her to bits as does my husband and all that have met her to date. Thank you once again.

Anna & Vince - Perth W.A.

Sylvia and Juan

Well its 2 week now since Leo came in to our lives, but it seems like ages.
A bit like when you have a baby you cant imagine how it was before they come along.
He has heaps of spirit and is always on the move looking for more crazy things to do.

Anyhow here are a couple of pictures for you of both Susy and Leo.

Thanks and I will keep in touch.

Pam - Camberra

Good evening Sylvia

Just thought I would share this Photo with you of Sussy and Leo. Looking pretty relaxed after a hard day of doing 'nothing'. Note the toys that Leo loves to play with even a match box car.
They are both so lovely and Leo is growing up fast and now has his big boy ears. He is so smart and at 4mths could sit on command,fetch balls and bring them back, always goes to the toilet outside and providesus with heaps of entertainment. The grandkids love them both and have great fun running around with Leo all day (Sussy prefers to watch the fun).
The both really enjoy going to our property on the weekend and spend hours exploring every nook and cranny.
I would recommend this bread to anyone, we have always had big dogs before so a small dog is a new and wonderful experience for us.How nice to have a little dog with a big personality rather than a big dog with a HUGE personality.

Anyway thanks again we are extremely happy with both dogs.


Just a few quick photos - Ruby (I finally decided on her name!)
is settling in really well with big brother Sam, they are becoming inseparable.

She is an absolute joy.

Thanks again.

Bri - Melbourne, Vic

Bruiser, already at making himself at home!!!
Playing, eating and drinking but collar is a bit big!!!!

We love him Thankyou

love Sarah and Ben - Melbourne, Vic


Hi Sylvia, just a short update , everything is going great with Indy, growing and doing nearly all things she should be, except her number 2's are in need of more training HA HA , its all good just a few in places they shoudn't be.

She is very happy and spoilt , sleeps the whole night with me and wakes me if she wants to go wee's,
she is used to her collar now and loves to play.

I'm soooooo happy with her thankyou.

She said hi and here are some pics to keep.
ok let you know how she goes after needle next week.

Yvonne - Tumby Bay, SA

Hi Sylvia

Our little Mala has settled in well and after a little training can ring a bell to go outside.
We thought you may like to see it for yourself.
We truly love her.

Regards Susan and Tony - Melbourne, VIC

Please click here to be able to view Mala's our clever ETT video


Hi Sylvia

It’s been a month since Chester entered our lives and we have been very happy with him. He’s such a good looking dog who gets lots of attention and "oooohs” and "ahhhhs” wherever he goes. His ears are now just starting to stand up too which is adding to everyone’s infatuation with him.

We got a kitten a week ago and him and Chester have become firm friends. Chasing each other around and pining to be together when they’re apart. They even snooze together on the odd occasion.

Having a puppy has certainly been a huge learning curve for us given we’ve never had a dog before. We’ve had a few teething issues with toilet training but now think we’ve got that sorted. No accidents inside now for a few days so that’s great news. He’s very smart and has learned to sit, stay, drop, roll over, stand, come and go to bed.

Overall, we are absolutely delighted with Chester. He’s adorable and we love having him as part of our family.

I thought I’d send you some photos of him (together with Charlie the Cat).

The first is the very day we got him home – isn’t it gorgeous. The second is meeting Charlie for the first time. The final is the friendship formed – such a cute photo.

Thanks for breeding such a gorgeous dog.

All the best
Sonja & Murray


Hi Sylvia,

A couple of photos of our baby Mabel for your website, if you would like to share?

Both taken around 12-13 weeks.

Thanks again,

Beth - Adelaide, SA

Hi Sylvia

Just an update to let you know Monty is doing well, we are delighted with him;
his personality and intelligence has everyone adoring him; everything we could hope for




Hi Sylvia.. Some photos of our gorgeous fur daughter Mabel. She turned 1 last month.
She's amazing!! Can't wait to extend our ETT family,
will be in touch mid next year to put our names down for a sister for Mabel.

Mabel - Proudly owned by Beth

Sylvia Jachmann

Email: puppies@laexoticakennels.com  

Phone:  0421077071


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