Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Over the years, we have received hundreds of photographs, letters and e-mails telling us how much proud LAEXOTICA owners enjoy and love their dogs. We have been remiss in not having been more diligent in saving them. In the future, we are going to post many of them to this page

If you are part of LA EXOTICA Family is never too late to send us photos or videos to share
As LA EXOTICA Kennels are very proud of their Kennel and website we encourage all proud owners to send testimonials, pictures and videos as we love seeing our special ones as they grow and so also people can appreciate our quality of pups and how much they are loved in their new homes







 "Despite the fierce and macho-looking dog, Henry assures that the ones from his kennel have good temperament. 

He personally went to the LAEXOTICA Kennels in Australia where he purchased the dogs, which he said, are by far the farthest Kennel he has traveled to."

"The breeders of my Staffordshire are well-known Spanish couple based in Australia", Henry said.  "They are now concentrating on the upgrading of the standard of the Staffordshire.  They don't breed for competition, but instead provide the requirements of show quality Staffordshire Terriers all over the world."

Henry Babiera - Kennels of Lombija  -  The Philippines




Hi Sylvia,

Sorry for the delay of confirmation of receiving Taj, our family have been in complete admiration since his arrival.

Taj is doing very well and has settled in as our third child already…..
We have kept him busy with beach walks, park visits and puppy school.

Please find attached the completed copy of his registration details, more for his name,
we have sent off the main copy to the Australasian Animal registry.

Again thank you so much.


John - Melbourne, VIC

Hi Sylvia ,

Just an update Lexi is fitting in well, the whole family is in love with her.

I have attached a photo for you.

Just wondering if you can tell me when we can expect her papers?

Thanks again for our girl she is making us a very happy family.


Greg - Kalgoorlie, WA



Hi Sylvia,

Just letting you know we named her Bella Charlie loves her so much so does the family.

Kind Regards,

John - Adelaide, SA




Hey Sylvia,

Just wanted to send some updated photos of Bruce. He will be a year June 13th.  Time is just flying by.  Hope all is well with you and your family.

Bruce Wayne  -  Proudly owned by Joe  -  New York, USA



Morning Sylvia,

Just thought I would touch base with you about Angel!
She is doing really well, and is now all up to date with all of her needles etc!

She has settled in really really well, and our other dog has accepted her as well as we thought she would have!
(as seen in the attached photo) They have so many of these priceless moments it is just adorable!

I remember you saying that since she was born she was such a little Miss, and nothing's changed! She is a go getter for sure! :)
Hope all is well for you and your family!

Hope to receive the registration papers soon, (but I know these things take time)

Have a sensational end to the week. Chat to you soon.
Take care and best wishes,

Jacqui - Australind, WA

Hey Sylvia...!

Just writing to send you some pics of La Exotica Master & Commander

We call him "Buddy"

He is the most beautiful Boy :) thank you so much for him..!!

I hope you like the pics... He has many fans on Facebook they all think he is gorgeous so hopefully it will send many people your way. I tell them all i bought him from you because you were so helpful to me and that you breed these gorgeous dogs for temperament and nature as well as good looks..

Looking forward to hearing from you

Buddy Proudly owned by Shonie - Silverdale, NSW




He is a Beautiful intelligent dog thank you for breeding our Beautiful Bronson.

Bronson  -  Proudly owned by Sam


Sidders - Pride and Joy to Noreen and Simon - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia, Amy and Sean here who purchased our gorgeous boy jax off use.

Weare so happy with him, his got such character his our little boy.

Weare extremely thankful we went threw your kennel to find him. His the perfectstart to our family and future together :)

I'veattached the agreement in this email, as I didn't realise or think at the timethat Sean my partner hasn't signed it and should have signed it. So I just gothim to sign it aswell and thought I should send it back correctly.

AsI'm sponsoring him to stay as my long life partner and co-parent to jax we justneeded that corrected to show that we are both of jax guardian.


yourvery happy customers Amy and Sean :)

Moree, NSW


Hi Sylvia,

Here are a couple more pics of young Junior

He is going great, growing very fast & starting puppy pre school on Tuesday.

We are so happy with him as you obviously already know, and i am so glad that we decided to get him from you !!

He is such a great dog that we often have trouble walking him ( in a good way ), Junior wins peoples hearts on each walk every day, he gets so much attention from them & we are amazed by the amount of great compliments we get on him as well...

We are in fact looking at getting our second dog from you as well & i guess i can't give you a better compliment than that;

Other than both yourself & Juan are doing an amazing job there & we cannot thank you both enough for bringing this incredible boy into our lives

Will be in touch, regards, Paul,Sarah & Junior ( N.S.W )

Hi Sylvia,

Just a quick note to say how happy we are with our little girl, which you obviously already know. She is getting on great with Junior & they just absolutely adore each other. Indy is such a strong & healthy girl who has settled straight in & we could not be any more happy with them both :o)

She has been so loyal towards me since the moment she came home, not allowing me to take more than 3 steps forward without following ;o)

Thank you both so much for bringing this stunning little girl into our lives!!!

Thought you's would like to see a few pics of the little lady as well ;o)

regards, Paul, Sarah & Junior.

p.s. Junior sends a special thankyou as well, he be in love :o)


Was Junior's 1st B'day today...Ourlil big man bless him, ohh how time flys huh!!!I've got a fair few pics of tha babies online & theyhave fans from all over the world now...

Indy & Junior - Proudly owned by Paul & Sarah

Diesel - proudly owned by Louie & Fiona - Melbourne

Betty's ride home form airport

Hi Sylvia…just letting you know that she has arrive safe & sound! The kids love her, we all do. Thanks so much.

Warm regards

Cass - Perth, WA

Sumo - Proundly owned by Craig - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia,

just thought I would drop you a line and update you

on our little girl "Macy May"...

She is more than settled into our little family, almost potty trained and doing very well with her simple commands, She's due for her last lot of immunizations this week, she had a small reaction to the kennel cough one and ended up with a snotty nose for a week or so..
She is such a treasure and has such a beautiful temperament, a lot like our male Charlie, they adore each other and don't go very far in the yard without each other, share a bed at night together inside by the fire and get up to the odd bit of mischief together...
Here below is a lil picture of her, we will keep you updated as she grows up

Cheers, Sam


"Despite the fierce and macho-looking dog, Henry assures that the ones from his kennel have good temperament.
He personally went to the LAEXOTICA Kennels in Australia where he purchased the dogs, which he said, are by far the farthest Kennel he has traveled to."

"The breeders of my Staffordshire are well-known Spanish couple based in Australia", Henry said. "They are now concentrating on the upgrading of the standard of the Staffordshire. They don't breed for competition, but instead provide the requirements of show quality Staffordshire Terriers all over the world."

Henry Babiera - Kennels of Lombija The Philippines

Hi Sylvia

How are you? We are great here. We have called him Thor.

He's awesome, he loves it here. He gets on with our other dog here fine.
He loves a cuddle, falls asleep on my arm everyday I reckon.
He is going in for his next shot tomorrow, can't wait till we can take him out walking and play with other dogs.

Here's a couple of pics. He fell asleep on his back, pretty funny.
Anyway just thought I'd let you know how he's going.

Andrew -  Melbourne, VIC

Hello Sylvia & Juan,
 Its pete from geelong.....i have LAEXOTICA Tonka and LAEXOTICA Surreal black steel CALL NAME SHARK-(from sofia & kosta)and LAEXOTICA Devine Intentions CALL NAME JUNO-(from azteca & atonal) thats a mouthful !!
I send pics because i adore my dogs...i have some pics of shark black and juno blue for you..both puppies are different personallity wise my shark is a real lala girl takes the world on in her own independant way...and juno is racey and bouncy and full of energy.
Please enjoy the pics

pete geelong

Vida @ 3 weeks..............

Vida @ 5 months!

Hi Juan & Sylvia,   Hows things going?
Things are good with Sofia, Myself & Vida We thought we'd send you both a little update on Vida (with some photos attached).   Vida's just gone over the 5month mark and is doing really well.   Her character is classic and she makes us laugh a lot.   She's got heaps of energy and loves all things that roll and bounce...and she loves food!
Hope you're both well

 Josh and Sofia  -  Adelaide


Hi Juan & Sylvia, Hows things going?

(Been meaning to email this for ages, but just haven't got around to it until now)
Thought you'd like to see these pictures of Vida taken on her first birthday in late Jan

Sofia made a peanut butter dog cake...smelled pretty good too!
The funniest photo is easily '08 - Cake Coma' - haha check out her eyes and face...completely stuffed!

Sofia and I were glad to see Vida does actually get full...she got about 60% through the cake...had the rest for brekkie the next day

Hope you're both doing well

Josh and Sofia

please click Vida to see her 1st birthday video celebration

Denver -  Proudly owned by Louise,  Perth - WA

Hi Sylvia and Juan,

Here is a few pictures of our wonderful little boy Charlie. He has become a huge part of ourl ives and is adored by the whole family. When we go for walks people we pass get big smiles on their faces or want to pat him. He loves playing with his cousin Dexter ( one of your Amstaffs) when he comes to visit and is such a happy little puppy full of life and love. Thank you for such a well bred pup.
We would like to get him a play mate and I saw on your website, which is looking great so much better than the old one, that you have blue puppies. I would love a little girl staffy as a friend for Charlie and as another addition to our family. Do you have any blue girls and how much would she be? We don't want her for breeding, just as a family pet soI don't want papers. If all the girls are gone are you planing on breeding Rayita again as if I can't get a blue staffy a black one would be my second choice.
Once again Thank you for our beautiful boy Charlie
Rachael and Kevin (QLD)

Hi Sylvia,

               Thank you for sending the paper work through for Kira. I've attached a few pictures for you. She is doing very well and it been a pleasure to train her. Thank you once again.

Sincerely James  -  Adelaide, SA

Morning Sylvia,

just letting you know - our little girl has settled in well, eating well and not too many little messes.
She is a lovely little thing and has a sweet nature, and has made friends with our cat and older dog.
Thank you again

Bev (N.T.)

Hi Sylvia,

On his first night at my parents place(Wednesday night) he was so tired from his big day that he slept through the whole night with out a peep. The next day he spent most of the morning checking out his new home and becoming familiar with everything, by that night he was showing signsthat he liked his new home. Montie is fantastic with my girls too.

 My parents are totally wrapped in him. He has the best temperament and nature, and he is good looking too. Couldn't ask for anything more.
Thank you

Kylie (Malanda QLD)






Hi Sylvia & Juan

thought you might like these photos of Snowy and Charley. Snowy has taken to her really well.
Will keep in touch

Beryl (SA)

Juno proudly owned by Belinda (Melbourne)

hello Sylvia

Just letting you know that the puppy arrived safely and well.
He is settling in very well, he is gorgeous, Nic is very happy with him. Thank you for your efficient and professional service and allowing us to have this gorgeous staffy,

Kind Regards - Nic & Rochelle( TAS)

Dear Sylvia and Juan,

Hi guys, its Ash ...Just thought I'd drop you a line and a couple of photos of Stella Bub-Bella now that she is 6 months old.

Thank you all again for making my decision easy, Stella is such a beautiful and ever so funny puppy.
Everyday she makes everyone who sees her laugh and amazes them all with her beauty.

She is such a cute and adorable bed ornament.
Thank you again and I'll be in touch in the near future with more pictures of Stella

Simply Beautiful!!!

Ash - Adelaide, SA

Murray having a well deserved Siesta

Hi Sylvia,

Opie has settled in very nicely in our household. He has been with us for 2 weeks now, and very much part of the family.
The girls love him very much, apart from him nipping at their heels, and hanging off their skirts!

They know it's a puppy thing and he'll be over it soon enough.
As you can see by the photo, Mila, the 1 1/2 year old, has taken quite a shine to Opie, and doesn't ever want to be far from him. They get on really well.
He is quite the cheeky little man, and a lot of fun. He loves being outside in the sunshine, and chewing everything in sight.
He has taken quite a shine to Pipers Barbie Dolls, much to Pipers dismay!

Thankyou so much for letting him be a part of our lives. He is truly loved by all that meet him, and we all adore him.

Take care, and we shall let you know how he is going

Angie, Scott, Piper, Mila, and Opie
Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia

as promised, a photo of Mango on the truck (wearing her new Doggles) -

she is an absolute delight, she comes to work with me everyday,
my daughter just loves her and Mango I'm sure loves her just as much
we don't know where we would be without her! cheers

Sally - (Newstead, Tasmania)

Chilliblu proudly owned by the Weeks family - Springsfield, NSW

Hi there Sylvia and Juan

Just a recent pic of our beautiful babies. Mia is now 15 months and Mack 6 months.
He & Mia adore each other to bits and have us laughing a lot. They are both spoil rotten but are very well behaved.

Hope you both and all your puppies are well.

Rachel & Carl

Untz - Proudly owned by Gem & Kane - Geraldton, WA

Hi Sylvia,

Just wanted to give you an update on how little Ruby is doing! She is a clever little girl that is learning very quickly! She knows what she can and cant dobut still tries to test us all the time, I don’t think there has been a single person that has seen her and hasn’t fallen in love, she is absolutely stunning! We are so happy we found our perfect little pup through you.
Here is a couple of pics of her posing for the camera as usual! Hope you can put this up on your page :)

Hi Sylvia,

Just thought id give you a follow up to Ruby’s progress. She is doing really well, had her second set of vaccinations and we had our first day at puppy school last Saturday. She was beside herself with excitement! I took her for a walk yesterday, (still struggling a bit with the lead) but as soon as she sees another person she wants to run up to them and play..she turns heads whereverwe go!

I have noticed she has her own little way of talking too! Makes funny little noises and looks at you as if she knows exactly what you are saying. We couldn’t love her more..
Rada (Melbourne)

Hi Sylvia, I just wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful puppy.

Ruby-Blue has settled in so well and we are doing great on the toilet training, she has such a little personality already.

It is a credit to both you and your husband to breed such wonderful puppies. I hope the other family in Karratha are enjoying their little boy as much as we are enjoying our beautiful little girl,

Again, thank you,

Carrol and Tom - Karratha


Aloha from Hawaii
from Kirk, Tora and Lola

Baker - Proudly owned by Brad - QLD

Hi Sylvia!

Tori is 9 weeks and 2 days today she has settled in really well hereand we absolutely love her to death.
She is exactly what i have been waiting for and i am very thankful.
She has a great little personality too I have attached some pictures of her thought you may like to see how happy she is with us!!!!!! Thankyou once again

Stacey and Peter. (Wollongong)

Tori a year after!!!

Hello this is Stacey Hill I bought a red staffie of you; just thought Iwould send you a picture of my beautiful baby girl Tori. she is nearlyone year old now and she's our little pocket rocket.
She's very activeand loves her mummy and daddy very much!!

Hi Sylvia

Just a quick email to say thank you and we are loving having the new pup around…he really is adorable and settling in very well I must say.

We don’t know whether we will call him Azul yet as he is more of a Teddy Bear, but will decide soon.

I will email you once we have decided for sure.

Bernita - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia and Juan,

Phoenix is doing great, she’s all over Merlin and growing everyday.
They play together well and soon she will win the tug of war with Merlin.



Phoenix & Merlin are proudly owned by Tim - Adelaide


Greetings from Japan from Aritada Yuasa and "Bruno"

Ciccio - Proudly owned by Adrian - Sydney, NSW

I thought you’d appreciate seeing just how happily Jersey has settled in. She seems to be bigger each day when I come home from work, and she is a very happy, well-adjusted little soul.
We could not imagine life without her after just two weeks. Thanks so much,
Paul & Candi (Adelaide)

Hello Sylvia & Juan,

You may not remember us but we bought Jersey from you back in September 2008. Jersey is doing great, she is 4yo in July. She is a sweet natured girl, everyone that meets her comments on her lovely temperament. She is not jumpy like other staffs we have met, she is very relaxed and only hypes up when she’s playing with her other dog friends. She is friends with all dogs and if another dog has a go at her she always submits and backs right off. She is great with kids & everyone on our street loves her dearly. Anyway the list of wonderful attributes that Jersey has goes on. We love her very much. A couple of recent pics attached.

The reason for my email is not to rave about Jersey, but to enquire about getting another puppy. We’re looking at buying one at the end of March, gives us some time to puppy proof the yard & save up. We are looking at getting another English staffy, but a boy this time round.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Candi & Paul

Malcolm & Jersey Proudly owned by Candi & Paul - Adelaide

Hi Sylvia

We just wanted to let you know that Ronnie is doing great!!! He is a true gem and we thank you so much for him.

He is almost one and we can’t wait to celebrate here are some pics from a few months ago.
The Mills ( Adelaide)

Dain, proudly owned by Jaime - Melbourne, VIC

Hi Sylvia About 10 months ago we got Zeus off you, just wanted to give you an update on him.
He is a beautiful dog, very smart and great with children. I have attached some Photo's of Zeus. Thanks again.

Thought we'd send you an updated photo of Axel. Our 6 year old daughter & 2year old son love him so much and he loves them right back, he is a big part of our family. This photo was taken on a family day out in the Flinders Ranges. We had to put Axel in his harness to make him take a rest as he had spent the whole day playing in the creeks and running up and down the hills, he loves the outdoor activities but he is just as cuddly on the couch. He is the 2nd staffy we have owned, he is such a typical staff we couldn't imagine having any other breed.

Tari & Jodie
(Port Augusta SA)


Hi there Sylvia it's Ricky from melbourne, I was just wondering when will I get the papers for my dog Chico?
And he is doing really well growing like a monster :)

Yeah Chico is awsome; he is very intelligent and qwk learning, I spend 3-4 hours a day doing my own training and fitness program with him.... And he goes everywere with me :) and the the compliments I get from people are crazy. I can't go for a run or walk with him without 100 people stopping me and want to know were I got him ect.... Hehehe so hopefully it brings you some more business also. Regards Ricky

Tala Willow
proudly owned by Bev (Melbourne)


Hi Sylvia,

Time is flying. Dixie is already 8 months old. She is wonderful and we are very happy she is with us.
Here are few pictures of Dixie .
Thanks again
Agnieszka - Adelaide

Sinta - Proudly owned by Michelle, Perth - WA

Hi Sylvia & Juan

Here is acouple of photos of Bella . I will send some more later when i get some better photos of her.
She has settled in and taking over the house. And she is very smart & cheeky.
Best Regards;

Jason (Sydney)

Hi Sylvia & Juan

Firstly my apologies for leaving it this long to e-mail and express my sincere thanks for the opportunity to bring one of your Stafford puppies into our home (been about 7 months now).

Baz was born May 2008, and was home with us in July and has been a bundle of joy and entertainment around the house ever since. In true Staffy style Baz is over-affectionate and loves to lick to let you know he's around,loves people and will be the first to the front door to greet everyone,and most important at this stage of our lives Baz has been(albeit the over-excited puppy play) extremely good with children. Baz loves to play with kids, and you can tell the excitement when he gets around people closer to his own height. In November 08 we welcomed our first child into the world, and apart from a little bit of sulky moments when the attention wasn't going all his way, Baz has been exceptional with our now 8 week old daughter Lily.
Baz is inquisitive as we expected, and no doubt the 2 of them will have a lot of fun as they both grow up.

I have attached a recent photo of Baz, around about 8months old, as you can see he has turned out to be an extremely good looking dog and attracts a lot of comments and enquiry of where we found him.
As always,we are happy to pass on your name.

Ben & Kelly (Adelaide)

Hi Sylvia & Juan, 

Just thought we would send some pictures of Zarra. She is 7 months old now and getting to be a big girl. She has got quite the little attitude and has definitely found her voice, as she loves to talk to us. She has such a friendly nature and is always the centre of attention at puppy school, loves to socialise. She has fitted in really well with our other staffy (as you can see by the photos).
We just wanted to thank you for bringing this special little girl into our lives, I couldn't have asked for anything better.
We love her to bits. Thankyou again, Bri & family xx

Hector @ 8 weeks the day he left LAEXOTICA land

Dear Sylvia,

Thankyou,thankyou, thankyou!! Hector is everything wewanted and more. I cannotbelieve that I only spoke to you late onThursday night, and here is ourlittle dog on Saturday morning safe and soundwith us at home.

Iwant to commend you on such excellent service. Youkept me informed thewhole way, and your compassion you showed for my family isvery muchappreciated.

Hereare some pics of Hector soon after we brought himhome. He had a bigdrink and ate all his food (prepared asrecommended). I think he wasvery tired from his long journey.......

Thankyou so much!

Sharon, Bob, Stella and Sophie - Darwin (NT)


Hi Sylvia,

Weare so happy with Hector, he is so intelligent and beautifully natured. When we brought him home on Saturday, it took only til later that afternoon for him to sit, retrieve/return ball, sit for his meals and shake paws on command!!!

He has not cried at all at night time and our Staffy bitch"Rosie"absolutely adores him. She will be 10yo this year and Hector has brought some life out of her.

Thanks again,

The Fosters, Darwin.

Hi Sylvia and Juan, Just an updated pic for you of Cooper, he is a treasure and I love him to bits.
Very much my shadow. Thanks once again Sue XX

Hi Sylvia and Juan, It has been a while since we picked Tjuple up and he has grown heaps, so we thought we would send you some photos. He is abeautiful boy and very clever. He worked out how to open the laundry door on the third night at home and even a brick could not stop him, so he has been sleeping outside in his kennel since then.
He comes in for cuddles and loves the bean bag.
He also loves to play with the cat

Shannon and Paul - Ceduna (SA)

Just a quick note to say hi and to let you know that molly is doing well and is a much loved part of our family.

i have attached a few photos for you i hope you like them.

tony and julie - Jingili - NT


Iwanted to send you a quick email letting you know how the little puppy isgoing. Wehave named him "Rufus". Our children love him. Rufus has started tostop biting and is turning to licking.Hecomes to school when we pick up one of our children and goes well with otherpeople.Heis extremely friendly with other dogs. Youwere right about him been lonely. He seems to have settled down at nights.Toilettraining is fun. I take him out for a toilet every 4odd hours over night. During the day he will take himself out to do a poo On afinal note, thank you for a wonderful temperament staffy. He is fitting intothe family extremely well.

Kind regards

Craig - Melbourne VIC

Hi Sylvia,

It has been a long while since we have sent an update on Sarge.
I've attached some recent photos of him, he is almost 18 months old now! How does he look? :)

I look forward to hearing back. See ya!


Hi there Sylvia

It's been a a year now from when we got our blue brindle Staffordshire girl Shyla from you.
She is just a beautiful natured girl, she adores our five boys and is so easy going!

I have attached some pics for you to see what a gorgeous girl she has grown into,
thankyou so much for her, she has been such a pleasure and has bought so muchjoy to the family.

Kindest Regards,

Rachael and Charles (Adelaide)

Moet proudly owned by Merrill - Geraldton WA

Hi Juan & Sylvia,

Hows things going? Things are good with Michael, Myself & Lexxie.

I thought i'd send you an update on Lexxie (with some photos attached).

Lexxie is now 2.5yrs old. Cant believe its gone so quick! I remember when we were picking her up from the airport and soooo excited to meet her.

Her character is classic and she makes us laugh a lot.

She is the love of our lives and we spoil her rotten...(so does everyone else when they meet her) and she loves food! We are looking forward to getting her a companion soon... :)

Kind Regards,

Kim & Michael (Perth WA)


Hello Sylvia and Juan,

Find attached some photos of Rocky. We picked him up from you in early June and as you can see he is a beautiful looking dog. He has a fantastic nature and is very cheeky. Thankyou again for all your help.


Jodie, Shaun and Ben

Hi Sylvia and Juan, Thought you might be interested to see how Rocky is turning out. He will be 10 months old on the 7/2/2010 and as you can see he is a big strong boy already.

Jodie - (Whyalla)

Hello again Sylvia and Juan, I got myStaffordshire Bull Terrior "Rocky" from you just over 12 monthsago. He is doing wonderfuly well and is a much loved member of ourfamily.We are looking at geting Rocky aplay mate some time around the end of October this year. Will you haveany litters around that time?If you could let me know as we wouldreally like to get our next dog from you as Rocky has a fantastictemperant and is a really beautiful dog.
If you could let me know it would begreatly appreciated.Kind Regards,Jodie

ps I have attached a picture ofRocky taken a few months ago

Hi sylv, macca is settling in well, and he shows lots of character he is always looking for mischief he puts a smile on our faces even when hes up to no good, he loves karen so much he just wants to be close to her all the time they are inseparable, i am sending some photos so you can see the little man (hombrecito)

Trev & Karen - Adelaide

Macca a year later!

Hi sylv, Bella has settled in o.k. she cried a bit at first but now she has settled down, she has met macca and they were running around the house playing chasey, he is so good he just flips her over with the power of his head but doesnt bite here, but she bites him all the time she is not frightened of him at all, i think they will be great friends and get up to much mischief in the months to come, i have sent the photo of macca at 12 months old

Inka - proudly owned by Gina

Hi Sylvia & Juan,

Little Soll has changed his name to Messa Boogie. As you said he is 'A little man" or should I say a cheeky little man.
He loves to talk and tell me when its time to play or sleep or just wanting some cuddles. He also loves his food!! Especially his bones.

Love - Karina

Dear Sylvia,

I can not believe how quickly the time has flown since getting home with our new baby girl. As you can see Bella loves her Xmas present. (Well after she got over being left behind when we went away for Xmas).

We have named our newgirl Sookie La La(I kid you not), just Sookie for short.....I knew it was a mistake to let the kids name her. So if you could organize her papers with Sookie La La that would be great. It does suit her though and she was answering to it , within a day of having her home.

She is following in Bella's footsteps and is a very good girl. She is not a cuddly dog though which Bella likes as it means she does not have to share the cuddles too much. They did not like the terrible heat and were happy to be able to spend more time inside lying on the cool tiles in the dining room.

Thankyou for breeding such wonderful Staffies, we are the envy of our friends with such well balancedand well behaved dogs.

Best wishes for the NewYear, I will keep you posted with photos of our girls.



Riely Jay and Dakota = Best friends!


Good afternoon Sylvia,

I thought I would just send you an email to let you know how my little girl is settling in.
She has jut been to the vet for her shots and all is well.

I have attached some pictures for you of her settled into her new bed and on the couch.
She is starting to feel at home and starting to play and be happy.

I have decided that I will call her Ella-Rose so please add these to the papers for her.
I will be calling her Ella for short but would like her full name Ella-Rose on the papers.

I will keep you posted with pics. Thanks once again. Kind regards

Blake- Adelaide




Hello everyone,

Just thought Id show you some quick pictures of Ralphy. This was his firstnight at home.
He made it all the way from Two Wells without being sick in thecar. We are very proud of him.


Dushi & Paul

 Hi Sylvia,

This is a photo I took yesterday of my two boys with Max on the couch – he discovered yesterday that he can now jump up – and has decided that that’s where he will be sleeping from now on – I found him curled up on a pile of cushions on the couch this morning! Kind regards,



Dear Sylvia, Juan, and all at la Exotica kennels,

It has now been almost five months since we collected Inca from the Hobart airport on a cold, windy, new winter evening. Having spent the whole day (and the preceding 3 or so months) in excited suspense, we carefully carried the crate to a safe, sheltered spot and gently opened the door. The tiny, soft bundle was content to peer out at us for some minutes before deciding that we seemed like suitable people - except that we both needed a haircut! Upon climbing all over both of us, she immediately set to work trying to trim usboth of our long hair, as well as her new daddy's beard!

After five months, Inca still feels this way about our hair, yet she now express' it very gently indeed! And gentle is her nature. She is such an adaptable little lady that is happy as long as she has somewhere near either ofus to sit, which given the amount of travelling around the state that is done, this is a blessing. My little black shadow.

A breeze to train, we mastered the basics together by around 4 months and quickly moved onto some more fun things. She loves going to school (every Sunday, without fail) and gets a ridiculous amount of socialisation at ourlocal off-lead dog parks. Coming second with 92 points in her beginners obedience class, we're halfway through Grade 1 and constantly looking for new challenges to occupy her mind, and so will also be trying an introductory agility class in a few weeks - she really loves those tunnels!

A quirky little lady with a personality that is definately her own, her gentle nature does not deter her from making me feel safe, and her very easy going nature is contrasted with a streak of (nearly!) endearing stubborness that keeps me on my toes.

The first picture here was taken the day after she arrived when she was two months old, the second shot is three months later (5 months). Another two months have passed and she is starting to fill out very nicely. Best Wishes,

Cassie, Beau, and Inca

Hi Juan and Sylvia

Rob and I just wanted to let you know how well Indy has settled in to our home.
She is so placid and well behaved and is an absolute joy to own.

Many thanks to you,
Meegan and Rob - Adelaide

Tank and his mate!

Hi Sylvia and Juan, I hope you are both well?!

We are sooooo grateful for this boy you have given to us we wanted to share our recent times with you. Frank, Yenny and i babysat two little ones Liem 3 and Sofie 2 for three weeks. Frank was amazing and a testament to everything you had said and promised he would be. The children were comfortable and our hearts were warmed by his nurturing nature towards them. We have attached a photo of Frank spell bound (but resistant to) the cheese Sofie was holding. He sat waiting until she had finished, licked her hand and then lay down next to her.

He has a beautiful personality and as you know we are nearly 12 months on and i can't imagine our life without him.

A huge part of this i feel i have to thank you and Juan for the family member he has become. He is not really 'just a dog' to us anymore.

We will also have pic's for you shortly of Franks once a week visit to Creche (human creche that is), the kids LOOOOOVE him!!

Thank you for your help and reassurance when he was ill (nothing to do with your kennels) and thank you for your ongoing support.

I can assure you the second we have a home big enough to accommodate it we will buy another English Staffy from you

We can't wait


Chris and Yenny - Melbourne


Hi Sylvia and Juan

I never met you but my now ex-husband bought me a surprise Christmas present in 2006 whom I have called Sandy. She has become my best friend and companion where ever I am she will be. She is the best thing for me as when I was going through by divorce she new when I was down and she would come and lick me to death and be right by my side. Sandy is now 3 years old and going well she loves the water and is very protect of me and I love her so much as I never got to have children and they say that the next best is your best companion a dog.

Cheers - Karen (NSW)

Hey Guys, It's Mary and Adam here. Just attaching some pics of our Darling Slone for you. She's doing well and keeping us on our toes, But above all is the love of our life. We take her to our local dog park daily and she rules the roost and is very friendly and gets along with everyone , she gets attention from everyone she meets.

Thanks again. We will be looking to get Slone a brother or sister in the next year and will keep in touch with some more pics as she grows.

Hi Sylvia and Juan,

Just wanted to send some photos of my two gorgeous puppies so you can see how theyve grown. Bella has just turned one and Charlie is 16 months now. They have both grown so much and stolen our hearts. Bella is such a loving little girl with licks for us all the time and Charlie is my shadow. Charlie always gets comments on how nice he looks and Bella just wnts to say hi to everyone she passes. They are both doing well and love getting up to mischief together, chasing each other and playing tug of war with every toy possible. Thankyou for my little darlings. All the best forx-mas and the new year.

Rachael and Kevin

Hi Sylvia,

Just wanted to give you an update on our puppy, we have named him 'Costa' he is fantastic and full of personality, he is all we hoped for, next week we are going to start puppy pre- school. I have included a few photos. How is our little female pup going? do you have any photos of her? and when is her anticipated delivery date?
many thanks for such a great pup

Ashely - Sydney

Charlie proudly owned by Lucy - Melbourne

Hi Sylvia, Thought you might like an update photo of my beautiful girls. As you can see Sookie is going to be a big girl she is almost as big as her sister already. I can't thank you enough for my girls. Regards Corrie

Sookie LaLa & Bella
Proudly owned by Corrie and Peter Port Augusta - SA

Hi Sylvia,

Just thought that we would send you some photos of Saffron to show you how she is enjoying her new home.

She is full of fun and energy, giving our kids a run for their money. She
loves playing with her toys and chasing the kids around the backyard.

She is eating and sleeping well and has quickly adapted to our family.

We love her to bits and can't imagine what life was like without her.
Thankyou for providing us with such a beautiful girl.

Michael - NSW

Saffron a year later!

Hi Sylvia,

Just letting you know puppy is doing really well she has been
fantastic and has fit into our family well!! She is a big sook and
loves cuddles she sleeps and eats really well and our 3 children are
enjoying playing with her very much!!

Just regarding the papers we have named her Ruby

Thanks so very much for a wonderful puppy!



Jayden & Booze

Booze, proooudly owned by Trish - Millicent, SA

Booze @ 5 months - lovehim to bits .cheers thanks heaps TRISH


Red Devil (Chopper) Proudly owned by Rudolf & Susy - Sydney


Justletting you know that Ciccio is going great, he is cheeky but soaffectionate and caring and very smart his amazing.
The whole family is inlove with him. I attached some photos for you, enjoy.............. Ciao Ciao

ADRIAN - Sydney

Hi Sylvia and Juan,

Just a quick note to let you know how little Cassius is settling in. He's beensuch a good boy, and loves cuddles so much. He loves sitting on our lapsinfront of the tv and having a nap. He's getting more and more confidenteveryday.
He makes us laugh, we just adore him. I've attached a couple of pictures of him.

Can't wait to pick up our other baby soon! Thanks for such a gorgeous boy.

Emma and Kasey - Adelaide

This is our lovely girl Pepper (La Exotica Pimienta) we purchased her from you six years ago. She is sitting next to her son Diesel. We had to keep him as he is so beautiful. Pepper is a gentle loving girl. We are so happy to have purchased such a beautiful dog from you.

Jayne & Michael - Adelaide

Hi Sylvia and Juan,

Just thought I'd let you know how our newest member of the family is settling in!
Apollo loves harassing his big brother, and they love playing together.
We weren't sure if they were getting along at first (they play rough), but did as you said and
just let them go. We thought we would give them some space for the first few nights
and let them sleep seperately until they were closer, but Apollo cried and cried
until he was with his brother, and they both sleep right through the night. They
love cuddling together, I attached a picture I thought was just beautiful.

Apollo makes so many funny little noises, its like he's trying to talk to us!
He has a HUGE pesonality!

They never fail to put a smile on our faces - thanks again.

Emma and Kasey - Adelaide

Hi Silvia

Here are a few pics of our boy Mooch As I said on the phone he is easily the most spoiltboy in Alice Springs.

He has come every where with us so far He even went out camping to the Finke Desertrace. He has the most beautiful temperament and all ourguests love him. We walk him every morning and he loves chasingKangaroos and finches through the desert. He is rarely on the lead and he never runs off ormisbehaves. He is also a member of Alice Springs dog obedience school where he is currently in his 3rdweek of puppy school, He will finish top of the class no doubt Hahahah.

Thanks so much for giving us such a gorgeous boy.

Kurt 7 Charissa - Alice Springs N. T.

Hello Sylvia & Juan,

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Mooch is doing well.

Oh how we love him!

Kurt & Charissa - Alice Springs

Merlin & Matilda

Well nearly a year has passed by since Merly was born. He is magnificent, what is nice is he is totally my dog, living alone I have not had to share, unlike my other staffords who grew up with my two ex wives as well. He has an exceptional nature and is well adjusted, my girlfriend who is a vet nurse agrees.

Thank you for letting me have Merly

Cheers; Ken

proudly owned by Ken - Adelaide

Hi Sylvia & Juan

Here are some more photos of our beautiful boys Kassius & Apollo :)

They are very handsome little men!

They have started obedience school now, and absolutely love it.

They are quick to learn and very eager to please

Hope you are both well, cheers

Emma & Kasey - Adelaide

Hi Sylvia, I just couldn't resist sending you these two photos of our boys Apollo and Kassius
I have never seen such huge smiles!



Hi Sylvia & Juan,

Just wanted to let you know how our 2 girls are going, Tia & Ruby are growing up beautifully and have slotted into our family perfectly. They are the best offriends and are great with kids and other dogs, they go for walks every day and love to socialize. We couldn't imagine our lives with out them.Theyare both 5 months old now, we have been surprised at how clever they are &how quick they are to learn new things.

Thanks again for all of your help, we couldn't of asked for better girls for our family.Thanks,

Craig & Nicki - Parabardoo WA

Sylvia / Juan,

Two weeks ago I purchased a beautiful little lady, daughterof Astroboy & Sofia, and I just wanted to let you know sheis fit and very well, and settling in to her new home well.She met our male staffy on the first day, and immediatelythey befriended. (relief)My wife and young lad love her tremendously, and havedecided to name her "ELLIE”.

I have attached a photo of her for your interest.Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to own such a precious pet.

John - Adelaide

Hello Juan & Sylvia,

Sorry it has taken me so long to send you pictures. We got a beautiful male staffordshire from you in October 2009 who we have named Kahuna.

He was my birthday present and I absolutely adore him.

He is very gentle... Except when we get visitors, he tends to get very excited and licks them to death.

He is now 1 year and 4 months old. He and our other staffy, a female, Kimba, get along great and love each other to pieces. They both love going for long runs along the beach... Nice for us because it wears them out. Thankyou so much for giving us this beautiful boy, we love him lots and he and Kimba are both very spoilt...

We have attached a couple of pictures for you to enjoy :-)

Regards Kylie & Pete - Adelaide

Hi Sylvia and Juan, Five years ago I purchased my beautiful staff from you his name is Oscar and is a dearly loved member of our family, mydaughter and husband now live in Perth and want me to find them a pup of the same quality and characteristics as Oscar, I have attached a photo of him, what they want is a Red male with white on chest, preferably with white socks, abroad head and a big smile, I hope I'm not asking too much but they love Oscar so much they want to find one similar to him.

Kind Regards, Mike- S.A.

Hello, Tracey here how are you?

Just thought i would give you an update on oneof your puppies.

His name is Klutch and he is around 12 weeks now he had his 3rd needletoday. He is going fantastic and growing fast.
I have added a few photos though there not too good; he vary rarely sitsstill enough to have a photo.

He is on the go all the time.He is a vary smart little puppies he has learnt to sit, shake and hi five. heloves going for walks and going for a swim at the beach. i have told loads of people about your dogs every time we go to the beach weget constantly stoped and spoken to about the breed and the colour. the colour attract so much attention and of course klutch loves the attentionhis a ladies man for sure :)

He is such a little mommas boy he tries to sneak on the bed and cuddle into meat night and follows me and my partner around were ever we go. he gets along with other dog so well, because i already haveanother staffy he adores her they actually adore each other i'm glad to know hisnot on his own when i go to work they keep each other company.

well i guess i will let you go and thank you so much for giving up such abeautiful dog - yours truely

Tracey and David- Adelaide

Hi Sylvia and Juan, Here are a few pictures of honey who is now 5 months old.
She has the best temperament and we take her camping and everywhere we go.

Regards, Nick

Hi Sylvia, Here Is bullet now. He’s growing really fast. He is well behaved and well socialized with other dogs. During weekends. He goes for a run in the beach and in the afternoons he goes and play with other dogs In the nearby park…. Thank you once again… from time to time I will send you some updates as to how he is going….

Regards, Antero N.S.W.


Hi there, just thought I would send you a photo of our lovely girl, Sheevah. She is just wonderful. A great ball of joy and brings us plenty of laughter. She has a wonderful personality and is very playful.

She gets along with our other dog extremely well.

Thank you so much


Maddi and Robert - Portland, Vic

Sheevah - 1 year old!

Hi Sylvia,

Our puppy is called Vino Rosso, (Vino for short)

Check out how he is settling in to his new home! He is eating like a trooper!

Pia - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia,

I have decided that i am happy to wait until next year for a pup i want one from RHINO so will keep an eye on your site and keep in touch with you iam after a good solid boy.
I have also attached some photos of Miss Maggie for you.

Kind Regards

Justin & Kate - Tassie

His name is BJ, here is a picture of him sleeping.

Opie - Proudly owned by Angie - Perth, WA

Sugar is always happy ! :)

We are all looking forward to meeting the new puppy.

Thx Sylvia - Scott NSW

Hello Juan & Sylvia, Sorry it has taken me so long to send you pictures. We got a beautiful male staffordshire from you in October 2009 who we have named Kahuna.
He was my birthday present and I absolutely adore him. He is very gentle... Except when we get visitors, he tends to get very excited and licks them to death He is now 1 year and 4 months old. He and our other staffy, a female, Kimba, get along great and love each other to pieces. They both love going for long runs along the beach...
Nice for us because it wears them out. Thank you so much for giving us this beautiful boy,
we love him lots and he and Kimba are both very spoilt...
We have attached a couple of pictures for you to enjoy :-

Regards Kylie & Pete

Hi Sylvia

Here are some photos of our spoilt puppies

Regards Gavin & Pam

This is Miriam we have gota name for our new Baby,( Blue and white Staffordshire sent to Darwin.)‘ZaGirl’ ‘Zara’ the first is her Breading name.‘Zara idoing very well and is settling in nicely, just finished all her immunizations the weekend so looking forward to taking her for walks soon.‘Zara’ is enjoying learning to chase and bring back tennis balls, she sits and shakes hands and also comes when called so I think she is doing very well. Her Coat is lovely and shinny.
I have attached some photos for you.

Kind regards, Miriam - N.T. (Darwin)

Good Evening Sylvia,

Just wanting to give you and update and also follow up on a couple of things.
The little boy has settled in well and has been amazing. He didn’t cry at all last night and has been
really well behaved.

We finally decided on a name. He has been christened as Bullet Scout Bonifacio He has started responding when we him by his name yesterday.
HE has taken his name well and knows it now. He is a smart boy, very well behaved and very timid.

He went for his first Vet visit today. One thing I can say is that he is a show stopper because he is so cute! They loved him at the Vet and when we went shopping for more supplies everybody was just drawn to him.
The vet has given Bullet a clean bill of health. He was given his microchip today and I was told by the vet that he was so brave he didn’t even cry or flinch when he was given the needle.. He was totally brave.

He will most likely go straight to Obedience school after a couple of months.

Lastly I would like to thank you for giving us a beautiful and wonderful Pup. He is now the baby in our family and has been given all the attention he needs just like a baby. Let me tell you as well that he is very Photogenic and looks good on his photos.
I have attached some photo’s for you taken yesterday after he settled in.

Thanks again Sylvia and more power to your Kennel.. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get another Pup from you in the near future.. God Bless…

Kind Regards,


Hi Sylvia, I hope you are doing well. Ollie is growing really fast andgetting so tall and cute.
I have attached some new pics for you.

 Thanks again, he is a joy!  Cristine

Hi, Just a quick update. Zeus has been a great puppy, he is so energetic and is very funny.

He is completely toilet trained but are still working on his puppy biting. Zeus has grown a lot and at last weigh in was 10.5 kg.The vet and staff, just love him.He is a very good boy when he is at the vets and get treats from them. Zeus tolerates his baths but loves running around after they are finished. We regularly worm him, he has just completed his vaccinations and has been micro chipped.

Zeus is doing well with our 12 month old son and will sleep on his lap at times.We just have to train him not to sleep on my head now - he is very heavy he he.I have been taking lots of photos, last ones I took were about 4 weeks ago, maybe longer. I hope you enjoy looking at the photo's.

Kindest regards Tammy & George - SA

Hi guys,
Milan and carrie here! Sorry it's taken so long to email you we have been having so much fun and have fallen completely in love with our lil man :) .
We have named him Tu-Kay.. Again we are so sorry it's taken this long to let you know. Tu-Kay is a absolute bundle of joy. He's is the most clever and special little puppy who has really brought us more happiness than we could have possibly imagined! He has the most amazing personality and we think he's just the best!!
We will send u some photos of the handsome ratbag :)
Milan will be contacting you Monday or tues as he has few questions he'd like to ask about some things we are a bit worried about in the way of possible dangers in our yard.
Once again thank you so very very much we are over the moon with our little boy. We really are very lucky!!

Thankyou thankyou thankyou :)

Milan, carrie and tu-kay xxxx

Moby - proudly owned by Ron & Victria - Sydney, NSW

Hi Sylvia!

Just wanted to let you know that my baby Lacey is fine and wanted to send you some photos of my beautiful girl!!
She is an absolute delight! She loves to go to the beach and dig in the sand.
I have named her Lacey and her middle name is Jayne.

Thank you so much! I don't know what I ever did without her in my life!!
I will keep you updated with her growth and progress throughout the years :)

Miranda - Port Douglas Queensland

Hi Sylvia& Juan,

Here’s a few pictures of Scooby & Alex together…. He has settled in beautifully…
loves his new home.. gets along with all the neighbours….. they thinks his so cute..
Alex loves to be around him.. Rach puts him in his walker and leaves him outside with Scooby during the day..
they play with each other.. Alex chases him around the back yard..They are great mates..

I will forward to you some new photo’s that Rach has taken of Alex & Scooby playing around in the back yard….
Thanks a lot for letting us in on that day on such short notice…. Will be in touch –

Sarf, Rachel, Alex & Scooby - Adelaide


Hi Sylvia,

I just sent these pictures to my mum, but I thought you may like to have a look too.
Dom may have already sent these ones of Zeus….but there is a couple of Tara.
Thank goodness I could keep her still for a second or two… J

Thank you very much for encouraging Domenic to take Tara,
she is an absolute sweet heart and goes well with our little family.

Hope you are well.

Kind Regards, Nicole & Dominic - Adelaide

Hi Sylvia

Just another picture of Zeus and Tara with Nicole. They are doing well. Big and strong.

Cheers, Domenic

Crystal - Proudly owned by Sal - Sydney, NSW

Dear Sylvia

Please find attached a copy of a photo for your website and one for a laugh! Otis is so full of beans and a beautiful boy.

We are so happy to have had him join our family.


Shanine - Karratha

Proudly owned by Jodie, Shaun and Ben - Whyalla, SA


Hi Sylvia,

Blaze has settled in very well, at only 11 weeks old she is sitting on command (well yes treats required), little biting, slowing understanding drop and stay.
Mastered her doggy door, and certainly mastered sneaking into Jacob's room and having a snooze on his winnie the pooh couch :)
She loves drives in the car and sits still on the drive. I certainly feel blessed to have her part of the family and everyone that meets her is smitten.
Here is some pictures for your web.

Nikki and Jacob

Blaze @ 6 months

Hi Sylvia.

I have a couple of updated pics for you (as she is now 8 months old!!!) and growing up quickly. She is certainly filling out already. She just finished being on heat for the first time, I was a little concerned was too early as she was 7 month, but they say from 6 months old and lasts 21 days, she was about that long on it too.

My partner Jeff has taught her to shake (lol, I have taught her sit, drop, stay, heel etc.. the important things), lives an hour away, so when we see eachother a couple of times a week, I stay the night at his house. He loves her, but Blaze's love for him is unhealthy -> I havent seen anything like it, she knows when we are at his place, and always I can control her, except there, she is crazy.. follows him everywhere, stares at him, its soooo odd!! haha

She is doing really well and we are certainly a happy little family. She sleeps on my bed as you can see, and she is a good eater, has her dentabone every night to clean her teeth, she is a good walker by your side and sits at road side without being told. Also good in car (needs to be when she comes most places with me, wish she could come to work too haha).

I am really impressed with how she is filling out, let me know if you would like me to bring her out to see you in person soon. Also, I think she is a good sound dog to breed from, and if you feel this too, maybe you would like to breed from her, and we can co-ordinate this together if you think it is a good idea :)

Speak soon

xx Nikki -

Hi Sylvia Stella is going really well getting bigger every day and we love her to bits even when she's naughty.
Thanks again for a wonderful dog and she is off to the beach today for the first time.

will be in touch again soon, thanks

Adam and Shirley of Perth

Hi Sylvia just a quick hello to let you no Stella is going well we love her to bits this photo is her at 6months
and she already is 20 kilos will be in touch again soon.

Adam and Shirley of Perth

Bruiser - Proudly owned by Nicholas - Bondi Beach, NSW

Roxy - Proudly owned by Anne, QLD

Dear Sylvia and Juan,
Just a quick one to let you know that Lucia has settled into her new home alright over the weekend.
On Friday I didn't have a chance to make Jake wait to meet her..
They were friends after the first time.
She is doing really well.Loves lots of cuddles especially with Wayne.I have noticed that Lucia will cry for Wayne if she isn't sitting in his about the only time we hear her cry)
She is doing well with her toilet training,only a couple of little accidents which is to be expected.
I will send you some more pictures as she grows up..
Thankyou so much for everything.we love our new family member to bits..

Lerida and Wayne - SA


Hi Sylvia and Juan,

just an update on Lucia who is doing fantastic.
She is now 13 months old and very happy.Her and Jake get on like a house on fire.
Its hard to believe she has only been with us for 13 months it seems like forever; and we wouldn't be without her.

Lucia loves heaps of attention and always lets us know when "SHE" wants some.

We will call out and see you one day with her.
Thank you once again

Regards Lerida and Wayne S.A

Afternoon Sylvia,

Just a quick update on my little princess Sophie. She has settled in extremely well,
and always puts a smile on my face when I get home from a tough day at the office.

All the family and friends are in total love with her and extremely jealous of her
|and the fact she gets to stay with me when they leave!

She is a hit with the local kids who live next door and over the road from me,
they are always in my backyard playing with her…

Attached are a few photos of her taken earlier this week on one of her visits inside the house to say hello!


Dan from Kununurra

Hi Sylvia and Juan, little Ruby Rose is going well she loves Kevin and he is being a very good boy.We adore them both and she has fitted into the family beautifully. Thankyou again, I will stay in touch. kind regards

Heather & Andrew - Proud ownwers of Kevin and Ruby Rose - SA

Hi, Kevin and Ruby Rose going great. Ruby Rose has been learning to walk on lead and doing well,they love each other and are great company for each other. x

Hey Sylvia,
How are you going? Just a quick email to let you know that Roxy (that’s her new name) J is doing really well she is so cute and so much fun. Thank you so much for letting us having such a beautiful puppy with so much personality.
Will email you soon with some photo’s J Take care.

Ray - Perth, WA

Good Morning Sylvia

Here are some photos of our handsome dog Bruiser that we got from La Exotica.
In these photos he's around 9 months and 1 week.

Kind Regards

Joseph & Catherene

Tycho - Proudly owned by the Pollard family - Moura QLD

Hi guys,

Guess who turned one today? Our little girl (Bonnie) turned one today.

Just thought we would drop you an email to let you know how happy we are with her. She has been a blessing to us and has been a welcomed part to our family.

We hope you enjoy the photos, she has been spoilt even more today than any other day.

Thanks again, and we will continue to recommend your breeding name to our friends, family, work colleagues and anyone else that asks.

Mick, Sandi, Jessica, Emma, Taylor and Bonnie - SA

To Sylvia & Juan,

We brought Pretti Penni from Jose & Amanda (your son & daughter in law) in July 2010. She is an absolutely beautiful girl & we all love her so much, she has been my 3 year old & 2 year olds best friend from day one! She has an amazing temperament, quiet, calm but at the same time lets you know when someone is coming in the gate. After initially being a little cautious about paying out more than i hoped, i am delighted to say that we are so happy with her & don't regret spending the money one bit, we truly did get what we paid for.

We just thought we would send some pictures of her to you to share on your website.
Hope you & the viewers of your website enjoy our pics of Penni!

Thank you & we hope to do more business with yourselves, Jose & Amanda in the near future when Penni is ready for breeding.

Gav, Bec, Alex & Eboni

Pretti Penni - 1 year old

Hi Sylvia,

Bear (9 weeks old) has a huge appetite, and it is a fantastic training tool. He is already sitting on command.
Bear slept from 2200 hours to 0700 last night.
He is a lot of fun with a huge character.

The Cann family - Adelaide, SA

Hi Sylvia,

I'm just writing to touch base and let you know how our beautiful girl is going.

We are undertaking obedience puppy classes with her and she is doing really well so far......Its only been one week! But she already sits and drops on command. She loves all the treats involved with the training.

We have named her Indiana but we call her Indi for short! My two girls cant get enough of her and she has made them very happy. She is beautifully natured, loving and has already formed a special bond with my 2 year old Sienna she follows her around and they love playing tug a war together you can hear the laughter all through the house.

She has had her 12 weeks vacs and when the weather clears up it will be time to hit the dog beach and park, which I am sure she'll love....
I will attached some photos of her with my girls.

Thanks Again

Stacey - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia,

Thankyou for providing a beautiful pup that brings me joy and laughter, this "lightness" was so desperately needed. Bodhi, my male staff and her are just the absolute best of friends. Many thanks, and God Bless

Meredith - Perth, WA

Armani - Proudly owned by Paul & Sarah - Horsham, VIC

Jack - Proudly owned by Daniel & Heidi - Sydney, NSW

Hi Sylvia, I have attached some photos of Tycho from the day we collected him from the Rockhampton Airport to 28/08/2011. He has grown into a wonderful dog, loved by all that have the pleasure of meeting him.
None more so than us, an attached photo has our boy Luke having some time with him on a recent Holiday to Sapphire he was very well behaved in the caravan park, and adored by all there also.
He is very strong we walk him 5-7 km every day, he is very loyal and does not get distracted by other dogs barking inside their fenced yards.

Thank you,

Pollard Family - Moura, Qld

Hi Sylvia!

Just wanted to check in and let you know that young Willy is doing great. We've completed puppy school and going for regular walks now with no problems.

At puppy school she was by far the best behaved and you could see she would actually adjust her "enthusiasm" to suit the size and temperament of each of the other dogs. I was very proud.

I'll send through some photos shortly. Everyone that meets her agrees she is absolutely beautiful!

All the best

James - Adelaide, SA

Good Morning Sylvia,
Thought i would send you an update of our beautiful Bear.
Bear is now 16 weeks old and a huge 10.8 K.

He is wonderful addition to our family and we adore him as he adores his brothers.
Hope you are well

Andy & Nicci

Hi Sylvia,

Just wanted to let you know that Lily our little girl has settled in very well!! She's loving the kids and the other dogs at home and is a very sweet little thing. I'll send some pictures through for you shortly.

Thanks again!

Kriste - Townsville, QLD

Dear, Sylvia and Juan Gutierrez


Thank you for the latest addition to our family, Crystal Dagli. She came into our lives to fill a void which we never dream could be filled.

After the passing of our first family dog Cheeky (a black & white English Staffy) at the age of 11 we thought our hearts and home would be empty forever. That is now not the case.

Cheeky & Crystal are like Day & Night. Apart from being different colours they are completely different in nature. Crystal at first hated being picked up and would wriggle like a worm to break free and now she pounces like at cat into your arms always catching you off guard.

Crystal is a strong little pup who is ever curious. Forever digging holes, barking at the next door dog and collecting sticks twice her size on her daily walks. She has a dominating character and enjoys watching/seeing other dogs on TV. She has recently completed her first cycle of puppy school with a personal trainer who came to our house. She passed with flying colours!

Crystal LOVES people and children she also interacts well with other dogs. She has recently met another blue male staffy called Tonka (like the truck) who is 10 months old. They will be having regular play dates as his owners are local friends of ours.

Crystal recently had her first experience at the beach which she thoroughly enjoyed. Exhausted from chasing seagulls she finished the day with a warm shower and a sun bake on the deck.
In the warmer days to come this may just be her favorite place!


Crystals enjoys eating raw bones which keep her occupied for 10-15 minutes if lucky.
She currently weights 12kg and is developing a strong muscle structure. Her vet is very pleased with her diet and especially her coat which is producing good oils from the sardines we feed her.

Overall Crystal is a very good dog, although she acts like a cat at times??? She never whimpers and likes to sleep with everyone. We are very grateful to have Crystal in our lives and only wish all dogs were exposed to a life like hers.

Enclosed are photos of Crystal with the family.

Yours truly,

Sal - Sydney, NSW

Hi Sylvia.

Well its been 2 and a half years since we got our beautiful girl Honey from you and she has recently had her own litter of pups, all are so beautiful.

Thank you for the work you put into breeding sound staffys, so that we can enjoy a family pet for many years to come!

We have so many great times with her and she has such a beautiful nature.


Sammy - Perth, WA

Dear Sylvia

Thought you'd like to see a picture of Roxy (born 15/7/07 to Indiana & Panzer), which we took only an hour ago.
She continues to be a very gorgeous, lovable dog with a beautiful nature and we love her very much.
We go to dog obedience every Wednesday night and she is doing well.
She loves long walks, and enjoys chasing the waves at the beach.
She is very much part of our family and we are so grateful to have her.
Hope you and your dogs are all doing well.

Ann - Bundaberg, QLD

Hi Sylvia

Just thought I would drop you a line and a couple of photo’s of our Buddy in his first week.
He certainly has changed from the sleepy, quiet little thing that I picked up from the airport last Tuesday.
He has such character that he constantly has us smiling.
We are so very happy to have him and thank you so much for breeding such a beautiful baby.
He absolutely loves the cat and the cat house which you can see from these photo’s and even though he is so very active, runs everywhere, he is still a little baby and has to have a little sleep every so often.

Hope you enjoy the photo’s.


Buddy and family - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia...

Just thought i would email you a photo of "Cruzer". He is getting quite big and beautiful! Loves the water,
he is always in his water bowl and loves swimming with my other staffy.
He is a very affectionate dog and has come out of his shell a lot. Very quick on his legs too!


Hi Sylvia and Juan

On Friday 1st October 2010 our gorgeous puppy arrived from Laexotica Kennels. We named him Axel. We absolutely adore Axel and having him as part of our family. He is a very happy dog, his tail wags constantly, and we spoil him rotten. We take Axel for a big walk every morning to the park where he loves to play with the other dogs and we also take him to the dog beach where he chases Lachlan through the sand dunes (see photo attached).

Axel loves going for drives in the car which is great as we take him everywhere with us and he especially loves it when we turn on the BBQ as he knows there is always a special treat for him.

Thankyou so much for allowing us to have Axel. He is such as gorgeous and very much loved dog.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year

Rod, Suzanne and Lachlan - Duncraig WA

Hello Sylvia
I just thought we would send you some photos of Klutch at one year old hope you like the photos

yours truly
David and Tracey - Adelaide, SA

Gus - Proudly owned by Collin - Jandakost, WA

Mia Bella - Proudly owned by Rachael - Morphetville, SA

Nala - Proudly owned by Laura

Hi Jose,

Just thought i would keep you updated with Shadow.

Daniel and i could not be happier with him. He is the most beautiful pleasant little boy ever. & one clever puppy
we already have him sitting, begging and dropping! He understands what "NO" means and of course knows that mummy loves cuddles and daddy loves playing
we are very proud of him since we haven't even started puppy school yet!

He has many Staffy friends already who just absolutely adore him! however he is still warming up to our cockaspanial.
we can see the expression in his little face that he thinks she is the most biggest strange dopey looking dog ever!

once I am home from work this afternoon I will send you some photos! he has grown a lot in a week!

thank you again for giving us such a beautiful boy we could be any happier :)

all the best,

Jordan & Daniel - Melbourne, VIC

Hi Sylvia,
We took our new little puppy TJ out for a run this morning and took a few photos.  Hope you like them.
Erin and Trav - Alice Springs

Hi Sylvia,

Dave has fit in just perfectly into our little family. He loves it out here, a real water baby!!
He will be 1 next month, enjoy the pics!

Holly and Tommy
Ceduna SA

Dear Sylvia,

Thank you thank you thank you, from the moment I picked up Blaze from the airport I have fallen in love, so does everyone who meets her.

Within a week she was using the doggy door and after two weeks she is always going outside to the toilet. She defiantly has the true Staffy nature, the sideways run and the talking back is just so typical of a purebred staffy.

What amazes me is how smart she is and how easy she is to train. She has fitted into the family perfectly and we could not do without.

Thanks again for everything and I’ll keep sending you photos.

Best regards

Megan, Rick - WA

Hi Sylvia

Here are some pics of Diesel.
He is now 2 years old and boy is he a big and strong boy. He has a great personality and keeps us entertained.
We are so happy we have him in our lives. He is the best dog! and we love him dearly.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

Fiona & Louie - VIC

Hi Sylvia and Juan,

Just thought we would let you know we have named our little boy Bentley.

He is doing very well and has settled in no problems. Thankyou again for all your help and advice.

We will keep in regular contact with you.


Huw and Linda - Adelaide, SA

I have attached a recent photo of diesel for you, he is definitely a character… and very clever to

Cheers, Colleen - Adelaide, SA

Hi Sylvia and Juan

How are you both. We wanted to let you both no we are over the moon with our new boy.

He has fit right in to our family and we can not get over the personality he has at his age.

I also would like to ask would you have any female pups that you would recommended for us.
As we have looked at other websites and local breeders and none of them compare to the quality of your dogs.

regards Sharleen (owner- La exotica Ali Jack) - NSW


Proudly owned by Tania - Darwin, NT

Hi Sylvia & Juan,

Well it has been 2 wks and one day since we welcomed our little man Cash.
He is a playful cheek little munchkin and is constantly given lots of attention! He has brought so much joy an happiness to us in the short space of 2 wks and has slipped right in and got us wrapped around his fingers!!!

He has learnt the command Sit and we are now teaching him to lay down. He also has beg down pat! He is quiet good toilet wise but isn't completely going outside yet - but is very very good as he ALWAYS uses the paper or puppy pads (apart from a few when he first arrived).

I'll send you an update in the near future. Thanks for all of your help and for choosing us to parent this beautiful little soul! Once we purchase our first house at the end of the year we will be back for another... And if I get it my way maybe 2!!!

All the best - Mel - Perth, WA


Hi there sylvia - well cash has gotten so much bigger now is a boisterous bundle of love an joy and very cheeky. He loves the lambs wool on ugg boots and is always pulling pieces off and locks his jaw on them! Training is going well!!! Minus the uggs of course. He is overly spoiled and fed an now weighs in at 10kg at the age of 15.5wks! He goes for long walks with me. Attached is a picture of him cuddling up on the couch - he doesn't like the 2 degree weather we are having at 5-6am when I get up for work!!! Hope all is going well :) am looking at your current litters... Could be dangerous! I may wind up with another 2 in the next few months of I'm not careful!!! Take care

Hi Sylvia,

Just thought I would send a picture of my son with his new mate (SABER)... their first meeting! :)
Hope you are able to open it alright.

Thanks again he's adorable!

Yvette & Rodney

Hi Sylvia,
You will be pleased to know the pup is settling well. We have called him Diesel :o)

Thanks again!!

Peter & Brittany - Adelaide, SA


Hi Sylvia,

Just thought I'd let you know Diesel is doing very well.

He is enjoying pup school and mixing very with all the other dogs when we take him out to rugby.

Thank you for a pup with such good temperament and social skills, he is loved by all that meet him :o)

Thanks again, hope all is well.


Dear Sylvia

Just a quick update for you. Bonnie Lass has had her vaccination needles now so she is fine to be in company with other dogs. She now weights 7 and a half kilos. Loves her food. Absolutely gobbles it down. She is quite friendly. She is very intelligent and quite assertive. Am getting her used to the lead. Naturally encouragement is better than trying to force. She has the most beautiful face I have ever seen on a pup. She is so warm and cuddly and is great company for Brett.

It is quite cold over here at the moment so we bought her a little coat to wear.
I came home and somehow she had pulled it off and had left it in the back yard so obviously she didn’t like it.

Anyway, just a quick line to let you know that she is progressing well.
We look forward to receiving her papers in due course.

Once again, many thanks for Bonnie. She is an absolute treasure.


Lynn and Brett - Perth, WA


Hello Sylvia and Juan,

Happy to hear you loved the photos.

Our beautiful girls have grown in leaps and bounds and are the highlight of all our days.

We are very proud of both of them, thanks again, best wishes

Lyric & Melody - Proudly owned by the Keyburg family - Adelaide, SA

Hello Sylvia,

I do apologize for the delay in giving you some feedback about our darling girl "Ella” purchased 9 June 2012.

Guy and I feel truly blessed having her in our home, she has brought so much happiness into our lives, the most obvious about Ella is that she patient, content & oozes a beautiful nature. Not only is she gorgeous to look at she is a delight to have around and is so easy to train. We had "1 on 1” dog training with our previous dog so we applied that knowledge to Ella within 1 hour of being home along with your strong suggestion to have hands/fingers away from her mouth at anytime. I have booked the trainer to come and meet her this Sunday as I feel that our dear sweet girl will be absolutely perfect with his guidance.

Ella is walked daily and is allowed to run on a football field where she returns to my side every time along with sitting without prompting at the kerbside – oh my she is amazing!!!!! She has been exposed to all ages especially young noisy children playing within our home and it normally takes her about 5 mins to settle and return to her mat where she observes quietly. All visitors have been asked to not give her any attention on their arrival, she has learnt very quickly that she is at the bottom of the pack within our home. As she lays snoring on her mat in our lounge room she always seems to have the company of one of us late evening as we just have to snuggle her as she is just so good and calm.

Her beautiful blood lines show through clearly and are worth every cent we paid for her,
we finally have joy within our home.

Best wishes to you and Juan

Heather and Guy - South Australia

as promised some photos Tia is beautiful if you want to use them you are welcome to she is the best dog nature and personality we have owned she even talks to us

thanks Nicole, Evan and the boys - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia,

Just wanted to let you know that our new puppy arrived safely in Launceston and is settling in well with the rest of the family; it was love at first sight between her and our pointer.

We named her Keiko which is japanese for blessing.

I am very happy with her lovely placid nature so far, she is obviously a well bred dog with a great temperament so thankyou so much for all the work you put in to your breeding.

Cheers Ann-maree - Launceston, TAS

Hi Sylvia,

Just to let you know our kids named our cheeky but way too cute staffy Jack.

He is so beautiful and could have not asked for a better puppy. :-)

Jack is enjoying chewing his teething toys, playing out the back and sleeping in his box in the laundry for now.

See attached a picture of him enjoying his new home life with us.

We also met another family picking up a black staffy too they were from Bunbury WA and purchased one from you too.

Thanks so much .

The Orr familia - Perth, WA

Chaos - Proudly owned by Geraldine and Abdul - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia and crew at La Exotica,

Elly-Mae has been with us a month now and is just over three months old. (Daughter of Charlie and Atonal)

She is a beautiful loving girl, and growing up nicely, a little timid when introduced to new things like a ride in the car, but her love of treats soon fixes that.

She is very attached to our shih tzu Chilli, they absolutely love each other and play hard until they drop and sleep from exhaustion.

Amazingly from the very first night Elly never did her business in her puppy pen and so now sleeps in the bedroom with Chilli as she is so good and waits until morning before going to the toilet.

Elly went to her first puppy preschool yesterday and was the best behaved pup there, BY FAR!! She’s already mastered the basic commands of sit and stay, we’re sure she’ll be a star at obedience training.

Thank you all at La Exotica for breeding such beautiful temperament staffy’s and allowing Elly-Mae to join our family here in Broome, we adore her.

Love to you All

Hi Sylvia ,

just thought id send you few pics of little miss madame ...... that she is ...

They are both getting along fantastic she is a very good pup and vet says she will be quite big

she stands her ground with koby , and she actually loves water , my koby is a diver and we take them to the river

and he goes far out but she has had a few swims and loves it as staffys sometimes dont like water anyway hope you like the pics

Michelle - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia

Jason and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the family at La Exotica.

Our puppy who we named Kobe J is absolutely beautiful.
He is developing his own little personality as every day passes by.

He loves to play with Jason and I and is very friendly and happy to play with our family.

He loves his new bed and snuggling up with us when we watch TV at night very affectionate little man.

Couldn’t have asked for anymore in a puppy. I will send through a few pictures for you shortly,
I will text them through on my iPhone.

Thank you, Regards, Hayley - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia,

I just wanted to send some updated pics of our little Charli, she is amazing, we love her to bits!

She has fitted into our family so well, our boys adore her. I wouldn’t know what life would be like without her,
Thank you.


Katrina - Melbourne, VIC

Hi Sylvia and Juan,

Just an email to let you know our puppy's name is RUBY born 14/8/12. She is doing really well, she is very smart, she's sitting and shaking and getting the hang of going outside to the toilet. She's growing quickly and getting along well with other dogs. I've attached an updated photo of her.

Thanks for providing us with such a great dog!


Sarah and Ryan - Adelaide, SA

Hi Sylvia and Juan,

It has been a year since you gave us our beautiful puppies. Millie & Benson.

Thank you!! no words can express how happy we are with them. They are absolutely awesome in every way!!!!!!😊😊

Our children love them so much. This is Ella 12 yrs. They are always cuddling each other.

Thank you so much

Lisa & Heath - Melbourne, VIC

Jack - Proudly owned by Rachel & Richard - Perth, WA

Hi there Paul here the owner of MOJO a puppy from mother Jade and father Atonal.
Would like to say very happy with him; healthy smart and good natured loving and big for age great looking puppy, happy to send some pic and a review for your web site if you wish.

Mojo - Proudly owned by Paul, Melb. VIC

Hi Sylvia

Just wanted to thank you for the gorgeous puppy, he is very happy and getting lots of love from my 3 girls.

Just wanted to let you know for the registration they have named him BLUE, I will send some pics soon

Thanks - Glen - Melbourne, VIC

hi sylvia

As promised some photos of Duke and Tia they ones of them inside the house are tonight i will get more during the day playing as well.

but i would like to say that we couldn't be any more happier than what we are atm with Duke, he is the most loving and compassionate dog and has settled in like he has been here the whole time; as for Tia well what can i say a pregnant dog accepting a new puppy 12 days prior to birth is just amazing. I can see already that they are going to be best of friends.

i could like to congratulate you both on not only breeding english staffordshire true to conformation but also having the most outstanding personality and true to breed. we can already see the staffy grin in Duke and his muscle tone through his back les and the way he walks is just adorable the typical staffy walk.

we are looking forward to dealing with you both in the near future with the expected arrival or Tia and Atonal puppies and also once we decide on a girl to keep from them having future dealing with you. we couldn't of asked for a better breeder than both of you. The time and effort you put into your breeding program is amazing and you both should be extremely proud as we are proud of you and glad we are able to be a part of the extended La Exoticia family

Thank you

Nicole and Evan - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia

Have just sent a photo of Patsy who we bought of you as a 4 year old - she is now 7.
Also a photo of Nullah who will be 2 in May. Patsy loves her new friend very much and her motherly instincts have shown through - she takes very good care of Nullah and loves to play. We have got so many laughs out of the 2 of them playing - but she always lets him know if he has gone that little bit to far.

We are so happy to have both dogs in out family - if we could have more we would.

Kerrin and Tom - WA

Hi there Sylvia,

Sorry for the delay but we have been quite busy.

This is just a quick message to let you know that our little girl has settled in fabulously . She has been such a fantastic little girl and we all adore her.

We have decided to call her " Lacey” and she now recognizes her name when called. I will send you through some pictures as soon as i can keep her still long enough to get some.

Thank you so much for our little girl, it has been great dealing with you and your husband and we will certainly be recommending you to others.

Thanks again, Regards

Dale and Jess - Stirling North, SA

Hi Sylvia,

We have named the blue brindle girl Tigheera. She has settled in really well and is such a perceptive dog.
I will email u a couple of pics of her. Everybody ( visitors Etc) just adore her.

Lisi & Matt - Perth, WA

Our daughter, remi, loves all our dogs and sheevah is so protective of her. We thank you again, for our beautiful Staffordshire' s :) Thor is really starting to fill out. I can't believe his one now!

Maddi and Robert

Brutus - Proudly owned by Cathy


Hi Sylvia!

We wanted to say a big thank you for our boy Norbit. He has settled in very well right from the moment he arrived.

We had no trouble with his food, or with sleepless nights. He does like to try it on occasionally, but we have taken your advice and just ignore him.

He is the most delightful little puppy (most of the time). He will start puppy school Thursday, which we are very much looking forward to.

I have included a few pictures for you.

Thankyou again for the amazing service! We are very happy we made the best decision adding a LaExotica puppy to our now complete family.

Warren & Tanya - Perth, WA


Hi Sylvia,

I just wanted to send through a few photos of our beautiful little girl Vegas that we recently purchased from you.

She has been absolutely beautiful (and very playful hehe) and look forward to every day with her watching her grow.

Thank you so much,

Sam & Cameron, Adelaide, SA


An updated picture of the boys Bosco on the left and Bear on the right

They are becoming well trained boys and are constantly smothered with love and hugs by my everyone in the house

Bosco is definitely the dominant one of the two really suits his name he is super easy to train

Bear is a real cruiser and is not as obedient lol but is a real gentle fun loving boy

Kind regards

Jillian - Esperance, WA

Hi Sylvia

Just a quick one to let you know Rocky had his first outing to the beach on Monday now he is all covered with his needles.

He was a bit unsure at first not even wanting to come through the gate to the car but once we got to the beach he was right behind our Charli pup and ran up and down sniffed every where and had an absolute ball :)

We have also since taken him to a local oval which he really loved ! Meeting the runners and others kids and lots if long belly rubs across the grass, he's a little gem!!

Kind regards

Amanda & Andy - Karratha, WA

Hi Sylvia just thought you might want to see how Max is going nearly a year on.

Filling out quite nicely

Wade - Perth - WA

Hi Sylvia

Stitch had his injection yesterday and vet said his in excellent health.
He coped quiet well and is doing fine.

We have had him 2 weeks and he has grown already.

I will send some pictures after next injection in one month.

He is very much loved by our family especially my daughter and my in laws absolutely adore him.

Thanks for giving us our little bundle of joy

Michelle - Reservoir, VIC


Hi Sylvia,

Violet has brought me so much joy after my beloved 3 year old black staffy Olive tragically passed away.

She has been such a beautiful pup, she is very affectionate, loves to play with other dogs.. although she initially gets shy and rolls over when she sees a dog coming but after a couple of minutes is ready to play.

Violet loves (to kill) her soft toys and is really great with little kids. Violet knows how to sit and makes sure to sit by the door when we are eating – she doesn’t beg.She is very clever!

Every Saturday she comes to watch the kids play hockey and I can’t get 5 feet without being stopped by people coming over to tell me how gorgeous she is.

I am constantly told that she is the most beautiful dog they have ever laid eyes on!

She is up to date with all of her needles and is super fit and healthy. Violet was the smallest in her litter but she has a massive personality and loves to cuddle right up into my neck.

We go for walks every day and she especially loves the beach.

Thank you! Violet is a much loved member of our family Kind regards,

Kate - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia,

We have the pup, he is BEAUTIFUL! His name is Saxon. We are very happy! Love him.

Thank you so much! He is a credit to your kennel.



Hey Sylvia it's Rocky we got a red with half white collar staffy from you, he is the son of Shaza and don Vito:) he is doing really well he's had all his shots and is going to puppy school:) he knows how to sit, shake hands, drop and stay:)

he's beautiful here's a pic his name is "ARCHIE"

Thank you so much everyone always comments about how cute he is:)

Archie, Proudly owned by Rocky - Adelaide, SA

Hi Sylvia

Just letting you know that our Caesar is doing very well and charming every one in his path!
We have yet however to receive his pedigree paperwork, should we have received these by now?

I have attached one of my favorite current pics of our boy.


Marisa - Adelaide, SA

hi sylvia everything going excellent with Bella.

Bella - Proudly owned by Wez - Townsville, QLD

Hi Sylvia,

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that Axel, our new staffy pup, has settled in so well.

He is adorable and we fell in love with him when we collected him from the airport. He has such a cheeky personality but hes so loving and emotional.

He loves having cuddles.
Hes such a sociable puppy and adores playing with other dogs and meeting people, especially children.

Hes extremely intelligent and was toilet trained after only 2 weeks!! He can sit, lay down, speak, drop, fetch and much much more.

We thank you for breeding such beautiful dogs. He is absolutely perfect and we enjoy every moment that we spend with him

James and Leigh-Anne - Melbourne, VIC

(I will send a photo soon)

Hi Sylvia

Thought you might like to see how our Maggie has grown. She is 10 months old now and an absolute super star.
She has a fantastic temperament, very smart and obviously very good looking.

We all just love her to bits.

Thanks for bringing her into our lives.


Rob - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia
I thought I would give you a quick update on Rex (son of Hilary puppy 4) as he has settled in really well into the family.

He lives outside in his Kennel now and he really enjoys it. He was really good in settling down at night, so good he only woke up and cried once for us.

Rex is doing well in his training he can now sit for dinner and treats.
He is also learning to walk on a lead and we can’t wait to get him to meet his new dog friends.
Toilet training is going ok too he teaching me to be even more patient then the kids did.

I have attached a photo of him with my sons in our sand pit.
When the certificate of registration papers becomes available can you please send it out?
Thanks again for Rex we are really happy with him.
Ross   -  Ocean Reef, WA

Hi Sylvia,

Well Odin really did arrive and has made his mark around the place.

What a brilliant little pup he is. Julie and I are over the moon with Odin and the little dude has got so much character.

He was a little upset the first night but by the second night he slept through the night and has done so ever since. But I am not surprised he spends so much time running around playing with his toys I don't know where he gets the energy from. It's been 39 degrees in Alice today but he spend most of the day inside in the cool of the house but he was just running around the backyard under the sprinkler and having a great time.

I especially love his black nose against the tan skin and the facial expressions he has are hilarious. We have started doing some training and he has been walking around the backyard on a collar and leesh like an old hand.
He just takes on any challenge.

We love him to bits and thanks for breeding him.

John and Julie - Alice Springs, NT

Hey Sylvia its Rocky and Samantha
thought u might like to see the progress of Archie:)

This is him at 5.5 months old, he has graduated from puppy pre-school and is now attending obedience training:)

We love him so much and everyone when they meet him do as well and he ALWAYS get compliments on his looks:)

Thank you so much:)

Archie, Proudly owned by Rocky and Samantha - Adelaide, SA

Archie @ 7 months!

Hey Sylvia

This is Archie 10 months 21.5kgs he loves his new hoodie he's so beautiful!!

Kind Regards


Hi Sylvia,

Our girl Maya , who turned one yesterday.

She's still a delight and brings us much joy and happiness!

Hope all is well with you and Juan.

Kind Regards


Dear Mrs Gutierrez

This is just a short message to let you know the puppy we bought Male No.2 - Red & White, is doing great. He is very much loved. He is named 'Steve.' He is having his second vaccinations next Monday as well as a general check-up.
He has just started having some wet food in with the dry puppy food and is taking to it very well.

We also wanted to let you know that we greatly appreciate all your help and advise and the information in the Puppy Pack. His toileting is going well also.

Thank you again,

The Hummel Family

Hi Slivia,

Sorry it has taken so long to send through its been 3 years since we had Nala on the plane up to us in QLD.

People comment on how I was able to get a dog with such a similar goofy personality as me from just choosing a pic online.

Still to this day I could not have asked for a better dog, she still looks and acts like a puppy (a little more sensible now) and she loves people. She gets crazy excited and tries to talk like human but ends up sounding like a wooky from star wars.

Coolest pup ever, hope you enjoy the photos.

Chris & Kaitlin

Hi Sylvia & Juan

Thank you for the email and call this morning.

We are really enjoying having the gorgeous new addition to our family.

We have decided to name her CHILLI JACKSON

Please also see attached scan of signed agreement and a couple of photos...... we will send more soon............

Many Thanks

Ian & Sally - Christies Beach - SA

Hi Sylvia

It's andrew , I bought Thor off of you about 13 months ago
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

I was just wanting to say hi. Here is a picture of how well Thor has grown up for you. He's such a beautiful dog and just has the best temperament. Everyone I know absolutely adores him

Anyway have a good holiday. Bye

Thor - Proudly owned by Andrew

Merry Xmas and a happy New year from Hunter, Michelle and Horacio

Adelaide, SA

Hi Sylvia ,

Hank is officially the most loved puppy in WA!

He has settled in very well and is a very smart boy he has already learned to fetch his ball, drop it, sit! In 48 hours! Wow!

Still working on pee pee and poo poo and sleeping through the night.
He has not been eating his full 1.5 cups morning And night but we will get there .
I am going to go and introduce him to the vet next week and sort out worming and vaccinations.

We really couldn't have asked for a better pup he's beyond words and all expectations.

Will keep you updated with pics:)

Thank you so much!

Love Hank Martina & Sabin - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia,

This is Sassy, she has just been desexed, but that has not slowed her down at all. She has been quite a handful, but we love her. Will get some lessons for her when she recovers from surgery.

Her name is perfect for her, she really is sassy.

Sassy proudly owned by Paul and Carol - Townsville, QLD



Just a quick note to let you know how we are doing.

Our dog 'Steve' is great. He's just finished puppy school and all his vaccinations. He is growing well weighting approximately 13 kg.

Regards, Travis - Gawler, SA

Hi Sylvia,

Today's' photos of Maya. She is just such a lovely good natured girl! Loves going for walks. She will even go to the shed and bark at John if he hasn't taken her because of the heat.she certainly gets away with a lot more than our children ever did, I can tell you

Hope us all is well in your ostrich of the world - no bush fires. Hope you've had some resin to cool things down.

Regards, Rita

Hi Sylvia,

Just wanted to update you on our lil man.

He's settled in beautifully, is quickly learning all our house rules & he'd even started responding each time his name was called from the second day at home!
We've only had a couple of little wee accidents inside but that was more our fault for not taking him to his 'spot' the second he'd had a drink coz i was dishing up dinner.
He knows that when he's given his softest toy & the warm 1.25l bottle of water its bed time & goes straight to sleep without a fuss!

We are so happy with him & fell in love with him the second we laid eyes on him!

We have called our lil man Rok. He's a solid lil man & needed a good solid name haha!


Kath n Mick - Perth, WA


Just another email from us here with Keisha who is growing up beautifully,
She is now almost 5 months old and is doing great she is now with the dog association here in Milton every Sunday for more training she is such a good little dog. Our son loves her they do everything together.

Hope all is going well there

Clarissa - Ulladula, NSW


Hi Sylvia!

How are you??

Hank is officially the most loved puppy in Perth he's pretty much human and we love him like a baby!

He's got it pretty good :) super smart and just beyond gorgeous. He steals the show everywhere that's for sure!

Thank you. I can't imagine life without him in it has made us laugh and love so much!

Martina - Perth, WA

Olly at 5 months  -  Proudly owned by the Smiths in Perth, WA


Indi proudly owned by the Leaders, Watermans Bay, WA

Well it's been 2 weeks and we couldn't imagine life without our Mack.

He has fitted in so well. Loves the kangaroo and the cat (maybe a little to much).

He makes us laugh everyday.
Thanks again


Hi Sylvia, Mack has doubled in size since we got him! We just love him so much.


Hi Sylvia,

We have named our puppy Bella, for the paperwork.

She has settled in beautifully and my daughters are in love with her.
We can't thank you enough for Bella. Here is a photo of my girls and her.

Thanks again for everything.

Jodie - Langwarrin, VIC


Hello Sylvia

Lilly is just beautiful and has fitted into our family really well.

We have three children aged 10, 8 and 2 and they adore her and vice versa.


Nicole and Berin - Rockhampton, QLD

Hi Sylvia

We have him; he is beautiful, we are in love!!!

Kirstie & Glenn - Templestowe, VIC

Levi some weeks later

Hello Sylvia

I am writing to confirm that we have named our puppy Spike, which can be used when you register him.

He has settled very well and now a very happy, naughty and playful puppy.

We slowly changed his food to Eukenuba which he is thriving on.

He is very intelligent and easy to train.
We couldn't have hoped for a better dog. I hope his brothers have gone to a good home.

Thanks, Angela - Oakford, WA

Hi Sylvia! How are you??

Hank is officially the most loved puppy in Perth he's pretty much human and we love him like a baby!

He's got it pretty good :) super smart and just beyond gorgeous.
He steals the show everywhere that's for sure!

Thank you. I can't imagine life without him in it has made us laugh and love so much!

Hope you're well and keeping busy.
Might be in touch soon and get Hank a buddy to keep him company:)

Thanks again and let me know what I need to do in regards to papers.

Martina:) - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia

U will be glad to know the pup is doing very well, he is settling in nicely. We have named him Titan. Just thought u would want the name to put on his papers, not sure when u wanted to send it off to the canine association to be registered.
We are gratefull, the pup has a great temperament and very well behaved.
If there is anything u would like us to do, let me know.

Thanks Ryno - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia,

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to say that we have received our little puppy and he is doing well.

I have attached a couple of photos for you - he is very spoilt already.
We have named him 'Hyde and arranged for the next vaccination with the VET.

Thank you for all your help - he is a beautiful dog and I am in love!!!

Thanks again and let me know if there is anything else you need me to do.
I will keep you updated.

Eliza - Bayview, Darwin, NT

Dear Sylvia and Juan,

Sorry this has taken so long, we purchased a puppy from you last Easter and have not yet organised his pedigree papers with you. He was born 3rd February 2014 .

We absolutely adore him, he has the most beautiful, gentle nature. He is nearly 6 months old now and weighs 22 kgs.

We are frequently surprised with how many people stop and admire how gorgeous he is. He is very social with both other dogs, all people and even our cat!

We have named him Archie. If you need anymore information please let us know.
Thanks a lot

Oli - Adelaide, SA

Hi Sylvia,

Our pup is settling in well, we named her Indigo like the colour.
I have attached a photo for you, she's growing really fast.

I hope all is well for you.

Joe - Karana Downs, QLD


Everyone loves them, they say Kevin is the best looking boy around and rubi is so pretty.

We take them out bush walking every weekend and walk every morning,they are with us all the time.

Thankyou for our beautiful friends they are part of our family now and we treasure every minute.

Hope all is well with you and Juan,kind regards heather.


Heather - Adelaide SA

Hi Sylvia

We have decided to call our puppy Jack, and wanted to let you know he is such a delightful puppy.
We love him heaps and he is spoilt rotten already.........but he is funny because he gets frightened over the smallest of things.
Today we were in the front garden and he started carrying on and I could not work out what was wrong.....then suddenly the plastic bag that had potting
mix moved and made a noise and off he went again, running around and making funny noises.
It is like having a new baby in the house....sort of.
Anyway take care and thank you.

Kind Regard, Bernita & Alex - Bedfordale, WA

Dear Sylvia & Juan,

We are so thrilled to own our little blue/ white staffordshire puppy. We have named him Axel.

He is so cheeky but so smart. He has really shown good listening skills and learnt to sit, fetch ball etc

He is a big sook which I luv about him.
Our son luvs him to bits and never wants to leave him when its time for us to go out.

I have sent in the registration papers so will be waiting for his papers to come.

Hope you had a lovely holiday

Rachel - Valley View, SA

Hi Sylvia

We absolutely adore our beautiful boy 'Ollie'.  He is full of energy, always happy, super smart, full of life, very funny and definitely has a 'one-of-a-kind' personality.

He has become our daughters loving and loyal shadow!   The whole family just love him. 

Thank you so much for letting him fly all the way to WA.

Warmest regards

The Vuletic Family

Angus - Proudly owned by Glen, O'Halloran Hill, SA

Thank you Sylvia and LaExotica family for Tazumal and Frida's son

"Bruce Wayne"

Five months old and turning heads everywhere.

Joe - New York City, U.S.A

Here is a new photos of Bruce at 8.5 months old.

What a good boy he is. He is loved by everyone who meets him

Thanks Joe

Mia - Proudly owned by Frank - New Jersey, U.S.A.


future breeding pair in the U.S.A.

Thanks to our friends Joe and Frank for trusting us and being part of our extended family

Hi Sylvia,

Just a quick email to thank you for your help and let you know that we have named our little puppy Ollie.

Sorry I have not been in touch earlier we have been so busy and with the arrival of Ollie a while ago things have been non-stop.

Ollie Proudly owned by Jason - Bondi Junction, NSW

Good morning Sylvia

Just thought I would send you a new photo of Jack….as you can see he is super healthy & very photogenic.

Loves having his picture taken…..and everyone says what a beauty he is.

We love him and he is very spoiled……

Bernita - Perth, WA

Hi there,

Here is our Checa and CJ , they are just wonderful and they both have amazing characters, there natures and the love they give us is just priceless !

Thank you so much for making our family complete !!!

Bless you all xo

Caroline and Jamie and Checa and CJ

Have a Wonderful Xmas and a great New Year !

Tycho and Tilly - Proudly owned by the Pollard family - QLD


I have been meaning to send you a photo for a while.

Bruce is absolutely gorgeous and we love him to bits.

Here he is about 2 months ago (approx. 7/8 months old).


Julie - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia,

We’ve attached some pictures of our Chester, showing him from his first days at his new home to now at 9 months old as of today.

We can’t take him anywhere and not get comments about how beautiful he is, and he knows it too.

He is becoming so mature bit still has his crazy puppy moments.

We recently took him to Birdsville and Innaminka. A total of over 3000kms in 10 days. Chester is such a great traveller, sleeping in the car while we drove, and then investigating all the sounds and smells of the bush. (Though the sound of dingoes did scare him a bit) He’s up to grade 3 at obedience class and flying through.
He loves the socialising with the other dogs and owners.
We are enjoying him very much, and we think he enjoys us too.

Take care

Tracey & John

Hi Sylvia,

The puppy is doing great.

We have named him Rocco. (i have attached the registration form).

He has been amazing so far.

Sleeping a lot then getting up to play with the kids.
He is doing well during the night, but we have had a few accidents, but he is learning to go outside.

I will send you some photos and a video tomorrow.

We took him to the vet for a check as he had a few spots on his tummy (which only lasted a day and have all cleared up) and they said he was a fantastic breed and he was well mannered and his teeth were perfect (which we have been cleaning everyday) .

Thank you so much the kids as well as me and my husband are really enjoying this great time with Rocco.


Emma - Melbourne, VIC


Hey Sylvia,

Here is Bruce at 7 and half months. His chest is already coming out and he is reminding me more and more of Tazumal.

I hope he gets Tazumal's head size lol. This boy is unbelievably athletic.
He climbs jumps through the air and is fast as can be. Never gets tired.

Anyway I promised to send lots of pics so here is the latest.
You were right it's hard to get good pics of the dog lol.

Joe - New York City, U.S.A

Hi Sylvia

Roxie has settled in really well over the last couple of days!
We are looking forward to reuniting her with her sister Rosie tonight or tomorrow. I will send pics!!

I have attached a couple of pictures that we took on Friday afternoon soon after we arrived home.

Thanks again

Annik & Anthony - Perth, WA

Hi Sylvia,

Just a quick note to let you know Mack is wonderful and 1 today.
Thank you for our fur baby.


Good Morning Sylvia,

Thank you for such a beautiful puppy we have named her ‘Ayla’ she is such a beautiful little girl with a wonderful temperament and very affectionate.

It was very hard to leave her and return to work this morning.

I look forward to receiving her papers in the next couple of months.

Kind Regards,

Louise - Sydney, NSW

Hi Sylvia and Juan,

I just discovered the owners feedback section on your website and couldn't resist sharing with you a picture of our Daisy, purchased from La Exotica Kennels in 2006.

She turns nine this July and still brings us just as much joy as the day we met her.
She is perfect in every way and we love her dearly!

Hope all is well with you and all of your wonderful dogs,
keep up the great work!!

Best regards, Mary


Hi Sylvia and Juan

On the 27th December 2014 it was the one year anniversay our our beautiful dog Axel's passing. Then on the 28th December 2014 we celebrated the first birthday of our new family addition Baxta which we also purchased from your kennel. It was a very emotional couple of days.

I thought I would send you a quick email to let you know how Baxta is. Baxta is doing amazlingly well. He is extremely spoilt and is very much loved. Baxta goes to the park at least once a day where he has many friends that he runs around with. We try and take Baxta to the beach every weekend and he loves the water - he is quite the little swimmer. He can be quite cheeky and has destroyed a number of expensive items as all pups do but he is settling down nicely.

Baxta came on our family holiday over Christmas. We have a caravan and we went to Esperance and Albany where he had an absolute ball and ran around on the beach daily. Everyone loves Baxta and everyone tells us how handsome he is. Baxta comes with us everywhere and if we have to leave him for longer than a few hours we always arrange for him to be babysat.

Please find attached a few photos of Baxta.

Many thanks for allowing us to purchase our second pup from you.

Kind Regards

Rod, Suzanne and Lachlan

Hi Sylvia just letting you know we received the beautiful puppy taya today safe and well ,

Mechelle 😃 Broome - WA

Just a quick note to say thanks , we named her CYAN after the colour blue , she is part of the family now and we are very happy together once again thanks . Breezey , Cyan & David

Yokine - WA

Hello Sylvia
Stella is a very happy girl and very loved .
We go to the beach once or twice a day and she loves the water.
Stella gives me lots of love and happiness, she fills the void after my beautiful old dogs went to heaven.


Vicki - Augusta, WA

Oscar                                                                             Bella

Hi Sylvia

Just some photos for you to see how much they have both grown.

Hope you enjoy them!

Elaine and Willy

Zeus - Proudly owned by Deborah

Hi Sylvia just a quick update on our boy bain... Bain is turning 7 in august this year. He has bought so much love and joy to our family. Such a good looking staffy too. So many people stop us while walking and ask us where we bought him from. We have had people at dog shows tell us to show him but have never had the chance.
I have attached acouple photos for you to see how he has turned out.
Thank you so much for him 7 years on and we still love and adore him like the day we first seen him

The Hayes Family

Hello Sylvia and Juan

Sorry for delay in emailing.

We have decided to call our new family member "Lexi". If possible we would like you to name her on the papers
as "La Exotica Lexi".

So she'll always have her Kennel's name with her. She is fitting into our family very well.
She is such an intelligent, clever, loving member of our family already.

We are so pleased we chose her. She is a credit to the "La Exotica" name.

Thank you for giving us such a beautiful puppy

Kind regards

Lorraine, Andrew, Emma and Austin - Somerset, TAS

Hi Sylvia,, how are u?? Just though Id send u thru some updates photos of untzy!!

He is gunna be a big brother to a little boy soon!!

He's swimming really well now, can't get him out of the water!!

We may start looking for a sister for him afta may!! We'll defiantly be going thru urself again!! Thank u!!

Gem and Kane - Perth, WA

Someone's had a big day.

Thanks Sylvia, we are all so happy with our baby

Casey - West Fremantle, WA

I love this little dog who we call zuce more than anything

He is doing awesome and is very very happy and extremely smart

Robyn and Mark - Pannawonica, WA

Hello Sylvia,

puppy is 'Captain'.

He is so adorable and a very much loved part if our family.

Thank you for giving us such a beautiful puppy x

All the very best ,

the Corke family - Brighton East, VIC

Hi Sylvia, I'm sorry I think I missed your call yesterday,
just letting you know Storm is doing really well she has adjusted quickly no trouble with her poo's & is eating & drinking well

Thank you she's fitting in perfect

Adele, Adelaide, SA

Five years on, Bailey is doing great ( you named him ciccio)

Holly, Adelaide, SA

Hi Sylvia & Juan,

You dealt with my girlfriend Danae a month or two ago, she bought the puppy for me.

I have attached a few pics of Hento, from the Arrival at the airport till yesterday.

Also a small video of his first walk in the park.

Hes growing ever so quickly, loves to play for hours no end, sleeping is another thing hes good at :)

Hes booked in for puppy school this week, then will be going onto level 1 and level 2 school after that.

Took him out for the first time on the weekend for his walk in the park, he loved it but was a bit scared at the start.

Hes so affectionate and hardly makes a noise at home, its brilliant.

Thanks again for such a brilliant little bundle of joy :)

Nick - Perth, WA

We named our special little boy Otis, he is settling in really well.

Him and Izzy get along so well. I have attached a couple of photos for you :)

Proudly owned by Bianca - Sydney, NSW

Hi Sylvia
I hope all is well with yourself and Juan?

Just wanted to forward you a pic of Jacks first birthday on the 20th March.

Jack has grown into a beautiful big boy weighing in around 18 kilo, and of course he rules the house.

He loves lots of love and affection but is normally a very quiet dog unless he gets jealous and then he lets everyone know that he is not happy.

Anyhow must fly…until the next milestone.

Bernita - Kwinana, WA

B.J. - Proudly owned by Matt - Goolwa, SA



Hi Sylvia

Thank you for helping us find the perfect companion for Chilli, they are so in love with each other already;  kind regards,

Dodge  -  Proudly owned by Ian and Sally  -  Adelaide,  SA

Bobby -  Proudly owned by Pippa  -  Blakeview,  SA

Hi Sylvia,

The pup is settling in well and the dress ups have began.  The kids love her and have named her Louwa.

Thanks again.

Dave  -  Vasse,  WA

I spoke to Sylvia today and would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Sylvia and Juan for giving me the most wounder full dog ever.

I bought him in 2002 and he was one for Nikita's puppy's. He is now 13 years old and we are very sad that soon we will need to let him go. With tears in my eyes.I would love to share some pictures of him if you would like to perhaps put on your web site.

He has brought my family the most happiness and wonderful love and affection and when he goes we will miss him very much.

Thank you Sylvia for talking to me today.

Kind regards,


Hi this is Diesel now;
 thanks for a great friend!

Diesel  -  Proudly owned by Wayne

Can't say she doesn't have it comfy!  That's my pillow she's snuggling in to!  She is so precious, and as dogs do, she's already changed my life.

Thank you once again, and God Bless

Maggie, proudly owned by Meredith  - Margaret River, WA

Hello Sylvia.

Our little girl is settling in very well. We have named her Ellie.

In regards to her papers it looks like we will be moving back to our home in nsw sometimes before the end of the year. I am wondering if I can give you my parents address to send the papers to and our home address back in NSW as that is where we will be situated.

Thank you.

Meghan -  Darwin, NT

Hi ,

We are looking at another possible puppy to join our family. My partner already has LAEXOTICA Harvey who is now two years old.

We would really like a tan female - could you please recommend any you may have available.
He absolutely loves the company of other dogs and we would like him to have a friend.

Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing back from you when you get a chance.

Kind regards

Melanie and Mike



Hi Sylva and Juan

Sorry it's taken so long for me to be in touch with you on the progress of Sasha.

She is now 16 weeks old and very clever, playfull, cheeky and extremly loyal.

She is everything and more what we were looking for. We would be very lost without her in our lives.

Thankyou for producing such wonderful natured Staffies and allowing us the opportunity to own one precious little girl.


Grace (from Broken Hill)

Attached is a photo on her first day at home and now at 16 weeks.

Hi there,
I bought a blue British Staffy from La Exotica four years ago and would now like to find her a companion.
I saw the litter born on 14 August 2015 and would love to take one home.

Meanwhile, here is a photo of Willy.  She's amazing​!

James - Proud owner of Willy  -  Adelaide,  SA




Hey Sylvia,

Just wanted to send some updated pics of Bruce and Mia together for a playdate.

 Bruce is now 15 months and Mia 14months.

They are both doing awsome.




Message: Hi Sylvia,

I bought Pecas from you for my cousin about 5 years ago. I then bought Rhino for myself 6 months later.

Both dogs were beautiful. I have Rhino with my family and he is the best dog that Ive ever owned or known.

He is loving and loyal and we adore him.

I would like to look at purchasing a female blue puppy from you later this year.

Is it likely you might have one by November/December?

Kind Regards,







Sorry I have taken so long to send this Sylvia. Have had a big week.

Hunter has adapted perfectly to the house hold and he has brought such a vibrant and exciting feel to our home.

He has grown so much already and he is so amazing around other people

I cannot thank you enough for how happy you have made me

and I thank you so much for the

Opportunity to give hunter a happy and loving home

I will attach some photos of him to this email

Thanks again

Andrew  -  Bentleigh East,  VIC



Hi Sylvia, this is pepper 1hr after getting home. She has been with us for 1 week so far and is just beautiful.

We all love her very much. She is very attached and gentle with my 11 month old grandson.

Thankyou for making what we have always wanted a reality.
It has taken us 25yrs but we finally got the staffy we always wanted.

You have been very helpful and lovely through the whole process.

We will definately be getting a brother for our pepper girl.
I will call you probably tomorrow.

Thanks again and i will send photos regularly as she is growing like a weed.

Love her. Thanks again.

Iona  - Perth, WA


Hi Sylvia & Juan

We named our little girl Evie, & she is the most well-behaved, sweet little thing!

We are in disbelief of how easily she has settled in to our home and family, and how quickly she is learning.

Her temperament is just beautiful - she is the perfect balance of playful and calm, and is so wonderful with people in general. It is obvious how much she was loved and cared for in the 4 months that she was brought up with you.

We are incredibly impressed with the professionalism, dedication and care that LaExotica Kennels clearly pride themselves on.

When we came to meet Evie for the first time we felt instantly at ease with our decision and felt so welcomed, supported and appreciated - and were blown away by the wonderful environment in which the animals live.

We strongly recommend LaExotica Kennels,
it has been nothing but a pleasure.

Thank you!
Alex & Andrew


Hi Sylvia

We purchased our staffy off you in September last year. Born 04/08/14 Dam Ariki, Sire Atonal . Male

Boss has turned out to be a beautiful Dog we get stopped on a regular basis to get questioned about him & regularly get asked if we are going to breed or show him.

 He has a broad head & well muscled neck and body. He is quite large & weighs 22 kgs. But is all muscle.

In saying that I am unsure if you have any owners in Western Australia asking about breeding their bitch, but if you ever do I would like to put Boss forward as a stud if you are willing for that to happen.

Just thought I would give you that thought in case the odd chance you do ever get asked by someone in WA.

Best regards

Ash Brown

I have added some pictures of boss. abovve


Hi Sylvia just letting you know that out little one is settling in beautifully.

She has had some dinner and has been wagging her tail a lot and coming to us for cuddles when we sit with her.

She also had a bath because she got yoghurt hand prints on her after dinner.

Thanks so much for her she is truly adorable!

 I shall email you lots of pictures as we get to know her.

Cassie  -  Mt Barker,  SA

Hi Sylvia,

   Billie has settled in very well her personally comes out more and more each day.

She loves playing with the kids.

She is a complete inside dog she loves the couch and our/her bed

She is very spoilt and loved. (Photo attached is where she sleeps)

Thanks so much Samantha & Matt  -  Melbourne, VIC


This is our baby boy Sarge.  We already love him so much.

Such a good sleeper and toileting has been amazing.

He is very settled and happy as are we xx

Thanks, Colleen   -  Perth, WA






Hi Sylvia,
I have attached a few pictures of Harvey and Luna together!

She is growing up fast !

 They both get along well and we are so in love with them both!
Hope all is well!

Mel & Mike  -  Adelaide,  SA


Hi Sylvia,

Just wanting to send you an update on our boy coming up to his first birthday.

Harley has settled in to our family so well, he is a bundle of energy and keeps us very busy but he has a beautiful nature and is very cheeky.

Thanks so much for breeding such beautiful dogs, I will attach a couple of pics for you,

Thanks again



Louah is going great, here's a photo of her and my boy.

Thanks again

David   -   Perth, WA


Dear Sylvia

We have had a lovely weekend with our new puppy – her pet name is Paige. 

She has a older male staffy companion called Oscar.  They are getting along really well. 

She is sleeping in our laundry and we have not heard a peep out of her. 

Her toileting is going well and she has 3 able bodied two legged companion (ie our children) to help care and clean up after her.

A few photos are attached for you.

Thanks again

Mark and Jennifer  -  Mt Hawthorn,  WA


Oscar, proudly owned by the Curness family -  Adelaide, SA


Hi Sylvia and Juan


Hoping all  is well. Sending you a pic of willow ( Comanche / Hilary).


We are so happy with our new addition to our family.


She is amazing. Going to school, comes out fishing in the boat with us and already swimming.


She is a bundle of joy. Best wishes for Christmas and the new year.


Regards Fred and Lyn  -  Adelaide, SA







Thankyou Sylvia and to your lovely family for making myself and my son so welcome today in your home and your beautiful property.

You have such a passion for what you do at la exotica which is very reassuring to my son and I that we have made the right decision on our beautiful boy today.

Please keep the passion and we look forward to picking our boy up soon.

Thanks again.

David and Seth  -  Adelaide,  SA



Hi Sylvia,

hope u had a wonderful Christmas and new year.. It's been a while since I've sent u an update on untz.. He is doing really well..

He now has a little brother. They both love each other dearly as u can see by the photos below..

He is so well behaved around the baby its unbelievable..

Thank u so much.

Kind regards Gemma and Kane  -  Perth, WA


Hi Sylvia

It was lovely talking to you today.

Here are some pics of our handsome little boy 'Roosta'.

He has a beautiful nature and he turns head everywhere we go!

My husband just adores him and he can't stop asking everyone 'isn't he the best looking dog you have ever seen!'.

Thank you for allowing us to be apart of the Laexotica family and we hope to add a 'blue' Staffordshire girl to our family in the near future.

Many Thanks

Sally, Michael, Blake & Mitchell
Seaford Meadows SA


Max has arrived in the territory safe and sound :)


Erin and Dallas  -  Darwin, NT

"Hi Sylvia, Here is our Jack. He will be 4 in July

LAEXOTICA Jack - Proudly owned by Richard and Rachel

Western Australia


Sylvia , Hi we purchased our girl Cyan from you about one year ago, and all is well.

We are all very happy together, we would like to get a companion for her, we are looking for another female preferably red , if you have any upcoming litters please let us know.


Breezey and David   -   WA




A little update of our gorgeous boy Zuko.

He just turned two in December! He the perfect family dog.

Him and my daughter are inseparable. Couldn't ask for a better furbaby.

We are definitely getting all our future furbabies from you wonderful people

Kelsey -  Adelaide, SA




Zeus has settled in nicely.

Has peed and pooped on the grass a few times, had dinner and is now napping after a good play with his new ball.

Thank you so much for the beautiful fur baby that has completed our family!

the Gall family  -  Adelaide  SA

LAEXOTICA Lilly  -  Proudly owned by the Stewart family  -  Colyton, NSW

LAEXOTICA Yogi  -  Proudly owned by the Bright family  -  Engadine,  NSW

LAEXOTICA Mika  -  Proudly owned by the Rogers family -  Adelaide, SA


Hi Sylvia, here are a couple of photos of Mika in the last couple of days, we went to the vet for her heartworm injection yesterday and she has put on 2kgs in 2 weeks.

Thought I would up date u on Mika. She's looking just like Sonia's Kingston. It's hard to get a good pic of her cause she's so cheeky and wants to know what I'm doing as soon as I go to take a photo.



Sylvia Jachmann


Phone:  0421077071


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