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Over the years, we have received hundreds of photographs, letters and e-mails telling us how much proud LAEXOTICA owners enjoy and love their dogs. We have been remiss in not having been more diligent in saving them. In the future, we are going to post many of them to this page

If you are part of LA EXOTICA Family is never too late to send us photos or videos to share
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I have attached some photos of him so you can see how beautiful he is.
He was born on the 17/11/2004 and when we came to see him we had a choice between two males of the litter, their mother was tan and white and you told us she had a beautiful nature which our dog (Angus) has definitely inherited. Kind Regards -

Bronwyn (SA)

Hi Sylvia,

Letting you know Audrey (white and tan female Tenterfield) has settled beautifully into our household and has already won all of our hearts.

The little lady is toilet trained (much to our delight ) and is playingbeautifully with the children.

Thanks again,


and there he was on that special day making us feel complete................

Flash, proudly owned by Carmen & George - Adelaide

Hi Sylvia,

All is well with my recently acquired Tenterfield Terrier. I get to love him a little more each day. Heis a very intelligent and affectionate little fellow and I'm sure hewill give me hours and days and weeks and years of wonderful companionship.

I have named him Sam (short for Samuel Aloysius Morris)!!!

Thanks for your excellent service. Everything went smoothly with the pick-up at Launceston Airport. Sam has settled in to his new home very well and now acts as if he owns the place. He does, however, understand that I am the alpha of the house.

Many thanks, Warren -- Turners Beach (Tas)

Hi Silvia & Juan,

Sorry I have not been in contact with you for the past few weeks,
I have been very busy with work but everything is going well.

Angus loves his little boy "Bailey” more & more every day, they play all day long just about.
I have attached a few recent photos to show you how the little fellow is growing,he is quite a character !!!.
We love him so much already and don’t know how we carried on life without him.

Thankyou so much for giving us this precious little gift.

Kind Regards


Hi Sylvia & Juan,

I thought we should pop you a quickemail to let you know how Chloe is going. She is doing well and is very happy.
She absolutely loves playing with the kids and she also loves cuddles and snuggling up to us. In fact at each opportunity she see's us sitting down she will come over and lay on our laps or next to us and sleep.

She laps up all the affection we give to her and there is lots of it! She doesn't like the laundry at all, despite leaving radio's on, hot water bottles, toys and everything else she needs and now she sleeps in her basket near our room. She is much happier this way and craves to be near us, of course as a result of this toilet training is proving difficult but we will continue to work on this and it will come in time.

She now sits on command, it only took two treats and 10 mins to train her for this which is excellent. She also knows her name very well now and usually comes when called. All in all she is a very adorable pup and exactly what we were seeking.

We wanted a pup that would get along well with the kids and one that would be only too happy to sit on our laps fora cuddle and she is all that. She meets our expectations in every way and we are very, very happy with with her. We will forward some photo's of Chloe shortly.

Regards, Greg & Anita Darby

Skipper the Tenty Pup - Proudly owned by Leanne (Adelaide)

Hi Sylvia

Thank you so much for send us Ruby’s registration papers. Ruby is now six months old and going very well.
She has bought a lot of joy to our children who love her dearly. I have enclosed a photo.

Thank you for selling us our beautiful puppy.

Jayson and Kristin - Perth

Sylvia Jachmann

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